Part Five

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 Any tension I once had washed away completely. For once in my life, I felt connection to a pokémon.

The Professor also had calmed down once the Poochyena fainted, He now had a surprised look on his face as well.

  "Wow, I had no idea that Mudkip there was this skilled in a battle," he proclaimed. When I didn't give him a response he asked if I was the new trainer he was to give a pokémon to. 

No answer from me of course. Not as if I hadn't hear him, but I was too busy flipping through my new signing book.

The Professor gaped at me as if the cogs in his brain began to turn. He then began to laugh heartily and asked If I was May. I then looked up, a bit embarrassed-- did I look that funny? Then I nodded at him, bashfully.

"Figured, I had know before from my son telling me about your..ah..condition," he told me.

Ah. So Brendan had told him about me previously. Maybe so I wouldn't seem like a quiet freak to his father. Probably thought I would embarrass myself infront of his father.  My jaw tightened.

"Well, while we're with all of the available pokémon," The Professor began,"Why don't you pick your new partner, eh May? I remember you wanted Torchic, right?"

I looked down at the grinning Mudkip, who looked so proud of himself for defeating the Poochyena, and was now running circles around my feet. I felt a pang in my sides at the thought of leaving it and shook my head furiously.

I instead picked up my new partner, and held it close to my chest. Mudkip would be the one I would spend my journey with.

The Professor patted his pot-belly and laughed saying,"I take it you changed your mind!"

I smiled up at him and, not an ugly croak, but a soft, cracked laugh came out of my mouth. I didn't even hear it at first.


Suuuper short chapter even for me, but I wanted to have a little more story to go by. I can't just sit here and do nothing...

Also, I've been doing my research on what it's like to be mute and I'm learning a lot that I'll incorporate into the story.

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