2. And I Love Her

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"Cut! That's a print!" The director smiled, signalling that finally the boys had finished that scene.

I had been mindlessly biting my nails as I sat in a chair next to my uncle, finally realizing it once the director spoke, making me quickly retract my hand from my mouth. It was an awful nervous habit.

My uncle sat beside me in the directors chairs we had gotten from the same frightened young workers in charge of catering to The Beatles every need and want that we had seen earlier.

"I thought that was rather good." My uncle looked at me with an impressed look at the boys' work.

"Very." I nodded with an ecstatic smile. The scene was absolutely great, I thought the song was beautiful.

I couldn't help but notice the boys stealing glances at me playfully throughout the song as if they hadn't seen me in decades.However I was slightly disheartened to see how serious George remained throughout the entire scene, without a glance at all in my direction whatsoever.

I didn't let it affect the happy feeling in my chest, I hadn't watched them play together in such a long time.

I looked down at my watch and realized it was almost seven o'clock, it had been a long day since I had arrived here.

I stood up and fixed my black pants and black turtleneck.

"Poppy!" Paul called suddenly, motioning for me to go come over to him as someone was taking his bass away for him. I noticed that the crew's eyes all shifted to me, making me want to sink into the floorboards and disappear.

I apprehensively walked over to him looking back at my uncle once who was shooing me away elatedly.

I approached Paul with a small smile seeing the excited look in his eyes as he grinned back at me.

"John and I were going to go to the pub after we're done here, and I was wondering if you'd like to come with us, to catch up." He asked hopefully, an innocent grin spreading along his lips.

"Erm, sure, sounds great Paul." I smiled underneath his warm gaze.

"So, how have you been? How's art school?" Paul asked after catching himself staring at me.

"Oh I'm great, and, I mean, art school has been good, I'm not sure I was ready to up and leave so suddenly, but I'm here." I spoke with half of a smile sounding unsure of myself.

It was true that I really liked what I was doing back and Liverpool. Being here made me feel slightly out of place already, it was exactly the reason I hadn't come to London in the first place.

"So, what's up with you? I heard you moved in with Jane?" I asked, regaining excitement.

"Yeah," Paul's eyes gleamed. "Everything's been going great really," He blushed slightly, looking to his feet becoming flustered at my question.

The crashing noise of the cymbals made us both look over to the drum kit where John was whistling and walking away suspiciously from a fallen over crash cymbal with his hands intertwined behind his back. Ringo and George were snickering, John obviously having accidentally bumped into them.

"Hey John, I don't go messing about with your guitar do I?" Ringo laughed.

"Spoiled sport!" John yelled back as he walked off set nonchalantly.

"That was a reference to the movie." Paul clarified for me giggling, making me realize why everyone was laughing so hard at Ringo and John's exchange.

"John!" My uncle yelled, groaning with annoyance. He walked over to Paul and I and sighed heavily.

"Brian," I started sweetly, making Paul smirk knowing it was the voice I always used when I wanted something. My uncle looked at me curiously.

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