Chapter 13| The aftermath

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It's been over two weeks since the panel- since the kiss, two weeks of isolating myself from my friends, from social media- from Finn.

Since the recent drama, shooting for the rest of the last few episodes have been rescheduled. So I've had a good few days to myself to just- just think.

The internet basically blew up after a video of me running after Finn surfaced the internet, my agent told me to not go on any social media and thankfully I've been able to resist. But that wasn't the most difficult part.

The difficult part was avoiding Finn- every day I spent hiding away in my hotel room, every day spent trying to hide or kill my feelings for him. But nothing worked.

I told my parents it was 'teen issues' in which they shrugged and left me in my room, they only ever come to me to give me the hotel food or to wish me goodnight, which is acceptable.

A knock on the door sends me out of my day dream, I groan as I lay back on the bed,"Go away" I groan.

"Millie, can we come in?" I hear Noah's voice emerge from behind the door, I feel my heart skip a little, we. He wouldn't be with Finn, would he?

"No" I groan in response.

"Too bad we're coming in anyway" His voice says, I roll my eyes in frustration. Suddenly the door slowly opens behind me. I turn around on the bed to see everyone- including Finn. The sudden temperature drops as I feel my skin electrify, I haven't seen him since the kiss. I cover up my gaze with an eye roll before squeezing them shut.

"Millie" I hear Sadie say as someone I presume is her sits at the end of my bed.

"Millie it's been two weeks" Caleb sighs, I huff out in frustration.

"I'm not going out in public until the panel drama dies down" I insist, my eyes still squeezed shut.

"It has" a familiar voice croaks, I suddenly feel a warm hand place over my arm gently, I open my eyes slowly to see Finn, sitting next to me, his hand on my arm.

I feel my pulse quicken as I fight the blush back that's trying to surface my skin, he looks down at me holding my gaze captive as a silent moment passes.

"I brought drinks" Caleb says as he holds up three bottles wrapped up in paper bags in his hands.

"It's like only 9 pm" I scoff as I sit up, slightly pushing Finn's hand off my arm.

"You want to sit here huddled under those blankets or do you want to actually lighten up," Caleb says, raising both eyebrows.

My eyes drop to my lap, "Omg you haven't actually drunk before have you?" Caleb asks in amusement, I feel everyone eyes lay on me.

"Millie you're like 17 and you've never-" Gaten scoffs.

I tilt my head towards Caleb through narrowed eyes, "Just give me one" I groan as I extend my arm towards him, he passes the glass bottle.

I look over at Finn, with a raised eyebrow, "No thanks" he chuckles, "I don't stress drink" he says with a small smirk. God, can he be any more perfect?

I twist open the cap as I look down at the see through substance, swallowing my pride, I bring it to my lips as take a few gulps, the liquid burning down my throat.

I scrunch up my face in disgust, "Ugh" I manage to blurt out, in response everyone starts chuckling.

"Trust me Millie, you'll forget all about your worries" Caleb nods, taking a few gulps of his bottle.

I sure hope so.


An hour in and I still don't feel anything, I only drink a couple of sips whilst Sadie, Noah, Gaten and Caleb finished their whole bottles.

"Swrin the bottle anywon?" Caleb slurrs as he slumps to the ground, everyone forming a circle, Sadie and Finn in-front of me.

"Er-" I manage to mumble.

"The rules are, who ever the bottle lands on, you have to spend 7 minutes in the closet with" Caleb explains, my heart starts speeding up.

"But-" I try to argue before getting interrupted.

"Loosen up" Noah nudges me from beside me, I roll my eyes in reply.

"Fine" I mumble.

"I'll go first" Sadie exclaims as she lays the bottle in the middle, she twists it as it continues spinning before slowly landing on none other than-


Everyone starts exclaiming and scoffing in shock, Noah shrugs carelessly and Sadie looks slightly awkward. They both stand up and make there way to the closet, closing the door behind them.

"I'll put five minutes on the timer" Caleb says as he taps a few times on his screen, he huffs in frustration that sends me into question.

"But Caleb don't you-" Gaten asks innocently before getting cut off by Caleb, I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

"Gaten" Caleb warns sending him a murderous look.

"Wait- what?" I ask confused., right on time the timer goes off on Caleb's phone, Noah and Sadie emerge from the closet. Not looking bothered at all.

"I guess nothing happened then" Finn scoffed.

They both shook their heads as they took their seats, "My turn" Noah says even though he's just been.

He spins the bottle as it quickens for a bit before slowing down, my breath starts increasing when it stops at me, everyone turning to look at me.

"Noah and Millie then" Gaten chuckles, I turn to look at Finn in worry, he looks back at me through narrowed eyes, his eyebrows furrowed.

I stand up alongside Noah as we make our way to the closet. Seven minutes in heaven with Noah shnapp right now, it sure feels like hell.



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