# Kindly note there are three points of views in this chapter.



“Jack, why are there no eggs in the fridge?”

Mandy asked interrupting his animated conversation. The guys except for Daniel had gathered around in the front porch of the house. Mandy had asked all of us to stay back for dinner after the tiring day.


Jack had a blank expression on his face.

“Oh…The eggs…Sorry, dear. I forgot.”

He apologised scratching his forehead.

“Don’t tell me you also lost the grocery list I gave you yesterday morning?”

Mandy was definitely grilling him and I couldn’t help smile watching both of them.

“I think…Its there…Somewhere…Got it.”

He had fished out a crumpled piece of paper from the back of his jean’s pocket. The rest of them were suppressing a laughter seeing him fumble with his words.

“I will go get them…Right now.”

He said with a silly grin.

“I am waiting,” Mandy sighed.

“I can come with you.”

Tae offered to join him for a quick grocery shopping.


“Min Ho, why don’t you let Ava change your dressing?”

Mandy asked him. I was standing with her, a first aid kit in my hand.

“It’s okay. It’s only few small cuts.”

He replied brushing it off.

“Oh, I got it. I am a tough guy. It doesn’t hurt me…That kind of thing.”

Mandy was teasing him lightly.

“Mandy,” I was nudging her with my elbow. He was laughing hearing her explanation.

“Come on, seriously. Let’s change it. We don’t want it to become infected.”

Mandy added with a smile.

  I saw him shift a bit, making place for me to sit down beside him on the wooden porch wing. I spoke,

“Can you please show me your hand?”

He extended his left hand towards me and I began to carefully remove his old dressing. He had scrapped his hand, while rubbing against the climbing rope. A rope burn because of the incident earlier today. Because of me, I thought feeling guilty.

“I need to get back to my cooking. I will be in the kitchen.”

Mandy told me before leaving both of us in the front porch.

  Mandy and Jack’s house were one of the few houses in the neighbourhood with a front porch. Reminding one of the old classic American style home which was a rarity among the modern homes that lined up the street. Both of us were sitting together in the wooden porch swing, hanging at one corner of the porch. I was cleaning his wound with the antiseptic solution from the kit.

“This is a nice swing. You don’t get to see much of it these days.”

He observed starting the conversation.

“Jack made it for Mandy.”

I replied with a smile remembering it. Mandy was ecstatic when Jack surprised her with it. I remember Mandy complaining how Jack was spending too much time locked up in the garage. She had no idea that he was secretly building the wooden swing for her. He had painted it a pretty turquoise, her favourite colour. In the evenings, both of them will sit together in the swing and watch little Eric play in the front yard. It was also one of my favourite places in the house. It was peaceful and relaxing. Whenever I used to stay over at their place for weekend, I would find myself reading a book or napping on it.

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