Gnomeo & Juliet

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Today's just another one of those days in which I'm cleaning while playing music and talking to my mother's collection of antique dolls. It's a pet peeve I have.

" I said; 'If you really hate guys so much, why don't you become a lesbian?' You know waht she said? 'Girls are so hard to understand.' Well excuse me Jenny but you're a girl, I'm a girl and you're friend. What's so hard to understand abou that?" I laughed, a loud cursed sound, that's when I heard something laughing with me. I looked up just in time to see something small dart away from the door. Eyebrow arched, I placed the doll back on her shelf and walked out, catching a bit of moment out the corner of my eye down the hall.

I followed it in a light run until I reached to back door where I found a little red rose, a fake one. I picked it up and fingered it lightly, looking out upon the empty yard.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Cautiously I walked out and looked around for any signs of an intruder, gnomes stared back. I was about to head back inside when I noticed something off; the hand the red female gnome held up was empty. I looked at the rose in my fingers and paused before slipping it back into her grasp with a gentle smile.

"There you go. You look nice with it." There was a brief pause before she suddenly winked.

I jumped back with a light yelp, falling to my rear end and scrambling back. "Wh-what?" But she didn't move again, even after I regained myself and headed back inside, I kept on wondering.

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