Twin Flames, Ch5, darkness

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Twin Flames, Chapter 5 darkness



Imprisoned, inside this mind.

Hiding behind the empty smiles.

(From: Arms of Sorrow, by Killswitch engage)


At first, there was a flake. It was a tiny flake, small, electric blue, and vibrating gently. Then, it settled on the ornate golden floor, as if it were a feather. Then, a second flake drifted towards the first, resting upon it. Almost instantaneously, they began gently fizzing...melting into each other slowly, like servings of ice cream lashed on top of each other. Soon, more and more flakes, no bigger than particles of dust, were joining together, fusing and warping together. Hundreds of flakes began appearing, thrashing and whirling around in a maelstrom of blue. After a minute, they formed a leg. Then another leg. Then a torso, thousands flooded in, until they created the image of a girl.

A very surprised girl.


My body...I was so minute I was I'm...oh god my hands! I'm blue! And dying of air loss...The blue began to fade across my body. It returned to its natural colours. Eventually, it reached my head and then...


Air...oh thank God...

As the colour returned to my head, my lungs settled back into their familiar shape, sucking the air around me dry. I gasped and panted for air, my head hung loosely between my knees. I've got to learn to hold my breath. I placed my hand against the wall for support, its icy touch revitalising my senses, making me sure that I was, in the real world. I honestly thought I had died. Being ripped into tiny blue pieces. I can finally tick that off the list of things to do before I die (!)

My head was till staring at the floor. It was...golden. A shiny gold, with intricate bright Egyptian blue engravings, thickly spread across the circular platform. They were likely some form of rune, to assist with the teleportation. I shifted my gaze to my hand. It was resting perfectly still upon the tube-wall. I removed it, leaving a hot handprint, which faded quickly. I finally had the sense to look in front of me. And the sheer scale of what had happened hit me.

I was underground.

Dead at my face, was what appeared to be glass, making up for half of the tube wall. There were six other tubes nearby, all in a neat circle, one of many other groups of tubes scattered across this epic chamber. WE were inside what looked like a massive cave. The black rocks loomed menacingly over us, illuminated by magical lights, floating silently above us.

So...this is Blackwell.

Inside the other chambers, but no-one seemed to have appeared yet. They were empty and vacant. I could hear no noise save my own breathing and I could see no-one. I felt unpleasantly alone. Crap. How do I get out? I suddenly felt claustrophobic as well. I could see my reflection in the glass in front of me. But it didn't appear to be glass. It looked too pure and clean. Maybe it was brand new. I gave it a little touch with my finger.

My head jolted back in surprise.

The 'glass' rippled outwards from where my finger touched it, like a stone in a lake of crystal. I watched the ripples flourish across the curious curve of 'glass', until it settled. Okay, here goes nothing.

I pushed a cautious finger into the material. Like water, it pushed through with ease, flooding it with more ripples. It was intensely cold, but it strangely didn't hurt my finger. In fact, my finger didn't feel cold at all. Strange. I pushed my whole hand through. I stood up, my arm dangling outside. I wriggled my fingers. They seemed to work okay. I took a step outside.