Part 11

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Alec Pov

I walked around the corner after that weird looking human told me where to go. It wasn't hard to find the cafe, since it was literally around the corner and had a big sign on the window: 'Welcome to the Carver's Cafe'. How quaint.

I walked into the cafe and sat in a booth, which smelt like old cheese and humans. 'no duh,' I thought, 'you're surrounded by humans stupid.'

"Welcome to the Carver Cafe," A girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes, probably around 5'1" tall said, "I am Jessica, and I will be your hostess."

She was wearing a waitresses uniform and had her hair tied in a ponytail. Her face was caked with too much makeup.

I smirked inwardly this is going to be easy. I leaned forward looking deep into her eyes. She started to blush. Oh pathetic. I only have eyes for My Bella.

"Do you know where the Cullen family resides?" I ask, even though I've been there before, " I'm a family friend visiting from out of town, and I cannot seem to remember where it is they said they lived."

Her face brightened in recognition... so gullible.

"Yeah, sure!" She said excitedly, "Edward's my boyfriend. He'd be glad to see you." She took out a notepad and started write something down on it.

"Here you go," She said, "that's there address." She ripped out the piece of paper handing it to me.

I took the piece of paper from her making sure to purposely brush my cold hand with hers. She slightly gasped.

"Thank you." I said, "you've been such good help."

I stood swiftly and moved around her. I scrunched up my nose in disgust- too much perfume. I walked out of the cafe and called Felix.

" Felix, I have the location of the Cullens," I smirked.

"That's great." He said, "now where are they? Cuz I have no idea, you do, you've been there." I rolled my eyes at his stupidity.

"The sooner we get there, the sooner, Bella becomes your lover." Demetri sang/interrupted the conversation.

"Shut up Demetri." I snapped, "sometimes I think you're the more stupid one." I face-palmed.

I gave them the location to shut them up and told them to meet me at the edge of the forest by the Cullen residence. I made my way towards the Cullens' house, the way Jessica said to go. But through the woods.

Demetri and Felix were waiting for me by the edge of the woods near the residence like I said to be. We sneakily, made our way up the path towards the house.

We made our way to the front door, we heard faint murmurs from inside the house. Felix knocked on the knock, and the talking stopped.

I heard slow and calculated footsteps edge towards the door, they stopped and then came the sound of the knob turning and the door opening.

I stood face to face with............

"Hello Edward Cullen," I smirked, taking a step closer, "may we come in."

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