Chapter 1

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''Taemin are you ready ?'' I heard my mother ask from downstairs. ''No i can't blend the fondation ! My marks won't hide !'' ''Coming to help you !'' My mom came in the bathroom and helped me put the fondation on and helped me hide my wings. ''Thanks mom !'' ''Taemin the lenses !'' ''Yes mom !'' I put on my brown lenses. ''Please be carefull this time ! We told the headmaster that you couldn't take the PE classes because of bad asthma ! You have the inhaler in case ?'' ''Yes !'' ''Be carefull !'' ''Promise !'' I took my bag and went to school. Let's start a new year again....In a new school, in a new class in a new town. Once there I went to see the headmaster. He asked me a few question. ''So Taemin how old are you ?'' ''19 !'' ''What's your secondary sex ?'' ''My what ?'' ''You never took the test ?'' ''No !'' ''Let's get you to the nurse office at the break !'' He showed me around before taking me to my new classroom. ''The new student is here ! I'll leave him to you !'' Said the headmaster before pushing me gently in and going back to his office closing the door behind him. I lifted my head from my feet and looked at an old kind lady. ''I am your homeroom teacher and art teacher as well ! I am miss Shin ! Introduce yourself please !'' ''Hello my name is Lee Taemin I'm 19 ! I know magic ! Please take care of me !'' I heard some whisper saying I was cute and saw a black haired boy with beautiful silverish orange eyes looking at me and he smiled. Miss Shin showed me where to sat and I was beside him. ''Hello pretty boy my name is Kibum but you can call me Key like everyone else !'' ''Nice to meet you Key !''

The hour passed by fast and the headmaster came back to bring me to the nurse office. Once there we were greeted by a black haired man very slim. When the headmaster saw his hair we went out and he looked at me with a sheepish smile. ''I forgot that the nurse wasn't here this week so I will ask her to see you when she comes back ! Kim Kibum please can you guide Lee Taemin ?'' ''Of course !'' We went to our next lesson and lunch came. ''Let's eat together !'' ''Thank you Kibum !'' ''It's ok ! Oh it will be the two of us this week because my boyfriends and my friend are away for a sport competition !'' ''Boyfriends ?'' ''They are my mates !'' ''You're mated ? Woah ! I'm jealous !'' ''You're cute ! I'm an Alpha and one of my mate too ! What are you ?'' ''I don't know...I never had my secondary sex test.'' ''Really ? You never had your heat ?'' ''No I was I never saw anyone outside.'' ''Personally I'm a vampire and you can't be a simple human if you're here so what are you ?'' ''I can't tell...Sorry...'' ''It's ok ! I hope you'll feel comfortable enough to tell us !'' ''We'll see ! Sorry for being so secretive...'' ''Taemin it's ok !'' We talked a bit more while eating and we became good friend. During the day and the week I learned that he was quiet sarcastic, snappy and that he can be mean too. I also learned that in this school for non human there wasn't age limit. He told me that he, his mates and his friend are all intern. My first week was very good and Kibum was very sweet to me. Today his friends are coming back. I'm a bit nervous, What if they don't like me ? What if they see me as a threat ? I can't loose Key he's my only friend here ! ''Relax Taemin ! They will adore you !'' ''You're sure ?'' ''Absolutely ! Plus Minho can't say a thing ! I'm his alpha I can do whatever I want !'' I smiled at him and we went to our physics-chemistry class. We sat and took out our notebooks.

''Do you smell this ?'' ''What ? Bleach and disinfectant ?'' ''No ! Firewood and citronella ! So sweet !'' ''No I don't !'' ''Really ? strange !'' We did some experiment which was fun and then we had biology. For the break I stayed back talking to the teacher. We had math and philosophy. I joined Kibum for lunch and 2 guys joined our table. ''Hey babe ! I missed you !'' said a cute guy with light brown hair and a big smile. ''I missed you two too !'' said Kibum ''Where you a good boy for Jinki ?'' he asked to a tall muscular black haired boy with warm orange eyes. ''Of course Bummie !'' ''Oh by the way ! Guys this is Taemin he's new ! Be kind because I like him a lot ! Taemin you can finally meet my mates ! Jinki or Onew he's an angel and an alpha ! And Minho who is a pheonix and a beta !'' ''Nice to meet you ! Kibum told me a lot about you !'' ''Nice to meet you Taemin ! So what are you ?'' ''My species are secret and I don't know !'' ''Never took the test ?'' ''No I was homeschooled. Kibum are you sure you can't smell it ?'' ''I already told you that i don't !'' ''What the matter ?'' asked Jinki ''Firewood and citronella ! I keep smelling it since this morning !'' ''Fire and citronella ? Doesn't ring a bell sorry !'' We ate and went to history lesson, after that we had a free period so we went to the library. After that we had art and literature. After school Kibum and his mates walked me home. ''So how was your day sweety ?'' asked mom ''Pretty good ! I made new friends ! They are Kibum's mates !'' ''None of them know for you ?'' ''No don't worry !'' I took the makeup off and my sweater too freeing my wings.'' ''Thay are so beautiful...I wish I didn't had to hide them...'' ''I'm sorry my baby...'' ''It's ok...I know it's for my safety...'' ''By the way there is someone for you in your room !'' I ran up the stairs and to my room.

He was there....sitting on my bed, ripped skinny jean, leather jacket and a red t-shirt. His hair a bit longer than before but still red hair, his dark orbs looking straight into mine. ''Wonshik ? Oh my god !'' ''Hello Tae !'' I smiled brightly at my best friend and jumped on him hugging him tightly. ''Where have you been ?'' ''Well you see during one of my trip I found my mate so I stayed behind a bit !'' I sat beside him still smiling. ''Where are you staying for now ?'' ''In the forest near the outside of the town !'' ''How is he ?'' ''Beautiful ! His name is Leo ! I will introduce you two during the holidays ! What about you ? What's up ?'' ''I made a few friends ! They are amazing ! There is Kibum who is an alpha and a vampire and he's mated to Jinki an alpha and angel and to Minho who is a pheonix and a beta !'' ''Good ! Did you find out about your secondary sex ?'' ''No...'' ''It's ok !'' ''Are you staying tonight ?'' ''For diner only !'' I looked at him for a while feeling tears coming so I hugged him hiding my face in his shoulder. ''God I missed you....'' ''I missed you too Minnie !''

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