Chapter Six.

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Dinah's POV

I was getting the kids ready to go to Disney while Y/N was cleaning the kitchen from lunch.

"Neveah, where are you?" I asked.

"I pooping. Leave me 'lone," she yelled back. I rolled my eyes to went to go find the pooping toddler. She was in the downstairs bathroom with the door wide open.

"Why do you have the door wide open while you're pooping?"

"It get hot 'n 'ere," she exaggerated taking off her shirt.

"Y/N, get your daughter," I yelled out playfully.

"What is she doing?" Y/N yelled back.

"Pooping for the world to see. She's just like you," I said walking away from the bathroom to the kitchen. Y/N was putting stuff in a cooler while holding a sleepy Carson, who had a pacifier in his mouth.

"Mommy, I 'one," Neveah yelled out. Y/N laughed and handed me Carson. She went to the bathroom and I finished putting everything in the cooler. A few minutes later, she came back with a very happy Neveah on her back.

"You ready to leave, baby?" Y/N asked. I nodded. She put Neveah on her hip. I grabbed the backpack, our phones and the car keys. We walked out of the kitchen and I turned of the lights. We left out of the house, I closed and locked the door behind me. Y/N wanted to drive, so we used her car. She put Neveah in and I put Carson in making sure the two were secured properly before I got in the car. After I did that, I got in the car and plugged in my phone. Y/N got in the car a couple minutes after me because she had to go get the stroller out of my car and put it in the trunk.

"Damn, that stroller heavy as fuck," Y/N said as she got in the car.

"Mommy say bad 'ord, mama," Neveah said snitching on her mother.

"It's fine. We'll tell nonna when we see her," I replied.

"Mommy in trouble. Mommy in trouble," Neveah chanted. Y/N playfully rolled her eyes, backed out of the driveway and pulled off.  An hour into the drive, Neveah began her music request.

"Mama, play Pwerfect. Play Aunt Ally," she demanded sweetly. I played the song for her. She song along while looking out of the window. Her favorite part was coming up and I already knew she was going to wake up Carson.  I let her because it's always funny.

"Then you say I'm PWERFECT!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Carson woke up, looked at her and threw his cup at her. I was trying not to laugh because he hit Neveah in the face, so now she was crying. Y/N was laughing her ass off, so she pulled over. I playfully rolled my eyes, undid my seatbelt and turned around to get her out of her seat to comfort her. I turned back around with the crying child in my lap. Carson rolled his eyes, put his pacifier back in his mouth and proceed to go back to sleep. I kissed her forehead repeatedly where she was hit with the bottle. I stopped and she pouted.

"More kissy, mama," she said softly. I put my seatbelt over the both of us and kissed her forehead repeatedly again. Y/N pulled off because we were almost there. We finally got there and Neveah was just as happy as she could be with the little red mark on her face. We parked, I got out with Neveah in my arms and put her down on her feet. I got Carson out of his seat and grabbed the backpack out of the car. Y/N got the stroller out of the trunk almost falling backwards.

"Nonna!" I heard Neveah yell, my head immediately snapped towards her direction to see her running towards Y/N's mother.

"My baby, I missed you so much. Have you been good?" She asked Neveah.

"Yes, nonna, I alway 'ood," Neveah replied to her grandmother. Carson rested his head on my shoulder and just looked around.

"Hey, Carson. How's nonna's other baby?"

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