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Third Person POV
"What the f*ck are you doing here?!" Chanyeol yelled at Jimin as he handed you over to Lisa.

Jimin was angry too but kept calm. He took an envelope out of his pocket.

"Here, this mail for Y/N came to my address. Give it to he-" Jimin stopped as Chanyeol took the envelope and tore it in half. Jimin was surprised.

"Why did you do that?! It might've been important!" He shouted at Chanyeol.

"Oh, shut the f*ck up!" Chanyeol said and held Jimin by his collars. He dragged him out to the elevator area outside, shutting the door behind.

"I told you not to see her anymore. Then what are you doing here?!" Chanyeol raged with anger as his bulky hands tightened around Jimin's thin collars.

"I just came here to give her that letter! Stop it!" Jimin pushed Chanyeol away and fixed his collars.

Chanyeol was furious as ever. He punched Jimin in the face.

"Listen then, loser. You better not visit her again. Do what I told you to do and get the f*ck out of her life." Chanyeol evilly said and crouched down to meet Jimin's face.

"And make sure you don't fail or come closer to her. Otherwise forget about meeting your mother." He said with the deepest of voice. Jimin did not react. He just kept down on the floor. The heat from the punch blinded him.

Chanyeol walked back in and swung the door shut.

Jimin lifted himself up and entered the elevator. He felt miserable.

Back in your suite, Chanyeol looked at Lisa who was sitting beside you on the couch. You passed out.

Jungkook had his arms folded, standing in front of the scene.

"At least lay her down on her bed, dumbo." Jungkook called out to Lisa, who was sprinkling some water on your head.

"If you know what to do, then why don't you do it yourself, you good-for-nothing piece of sh*t!" Lisa shouted in frustration.

"You guys should leave now. I will take care of her myself." Chanyeol said and lifted you from the couch.


"Lisa.... Please. I will take care of her." Chanyeol said.

"And make sure none of you two tell her about Jimin." Chanyeol commanded. Both Lisa and Jungkook agreed and left.

Chanyeol placed you on your bed and took your shoes off. You opened your eyes, still drink.

"Jiminie!!! You are still here?!" You said as you thought Chanyeol was Jimin and hugged him immediately.

Chanyeol was stiff.

"But why are you so tall?" You asked and laughed.

"Jiminiiiieeee!" You squeeled as you pulled Chanyeol on the bed.

"No.... Y/N, I am Chanyeo-" Chanyeol stopped right where he was as you started taking your pants off.

Chanyeol's cheeks turned tomato red.

"No no no no! Why are you taking it off?" Chanyeol said as he held your hands. Your pants were half way down.

Chanyeol's eyes diverted to your panties.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Chanyeol laughed at your panties.

"Wh-what's wrong, Jiminie?" You asked.

Chanyeol continued laughing at your panties which had the SpongeBob meme printed on it.

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