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"Mad Tom's out in the barn again."

"Mmm," Sallie said sleepily, turning the page. Her cold had abated but her nose still whiffled as she read.

"No, really, there's a light out there Sal – come look."

Sallie regarded him over the rim of her reading glasses. It was Thursday night and the Mardi Gras party was two days away. She had lists of things to do and a ridiculous birthday party to go to tomorrow on top of everything else. She had just gotten herself into the bed and now Joe wanted her to get out of it again to look at a light that probably wasn't there.

"It's just Kate out there with the sheep," she said, retreating into her book.

Joe turned back to the window doubtfully.

"I don't think so. It's in the loft, just like last time."

Exasperated, Sallie closed the book and sat up.

"And it wasn't anything last time either. Go check on Charlie and come to bed. Please."

"Not until you come and look," he held out a hand and smiled, "C'mon..."

Sallie groaned, swung herself out of bed and took his hand. He pulled her to his side and together they turned to face the window.

"See?" he said squeezing her victoriously.

Sallie looked; the barn was dark.

"See?" she said, "Nothing there."

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