chapter 6.

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The atmosphere between me and Xukun was tough. One thing we would say to each other could cause a fight. I stood there in amusement.

''Heh.. Why are you causing such a scene? It's not like you like her, right?''

He twitched. ''No of course not. It's just.. you should not be like that in front of her!''

Because of that answer I burst out in laughter. Why is he even minding mine and her business? ''One question tho.. why are you even spending your time on me and her? I mean it's not like you're involved in this.'' I had to wipe away a tear because of laughing so much.

The thing is, he didn't move at all. He just stood there not knowing what to say and I could see that. I could see all these questions flying around in his mind. It was hilarious.

''So.. I have to go now and don't follow me fanboy..'' I snickered not even turning around as I went to bring that suitcase of hers to where it belongs.

*Readers POV*

I sighed heavily as I entered the dance room. All eyes shot to me. The attention on me grew bigger and bigger. Like the past 2 days, I firstly introduced myself.

''First thing, as you already could practice the dance, I am going to watch it first. Then I am going to fix your problems, if there are any of course.'' They understood right away and I smiled.

The trainees prepared themselves for the dance practice. Everyone even watched over the smallest details, it was so cute. When the music started the guys focused right away. I watched them carefully. Some of them kept making mistakes. After the song ended I picked out those who have a lot of mistakes and teached them. The others continued to practice.

Some of them even watched me too. I felt how they tried to copy everything. It's good that they're taking this seriously.

After practice I took my bag and went out.

I'm so exhausted.

From the distance I could see Xukun coming towards me. He stopped me from walking. I was confused. This was not Xukun's normal self. The aura around him changed. He looked pissed.

''Ah Xukun what's up?'' I tried to smile comfortably but he didn't cooperate.

''Why did you give Yanjun your suitcase?''

One thing for sure is that I couldn't understand why he is so mad about something like that. That was no big deal anyway.

''Woah?? Are you serious?'' I heaved. ''You're mad about something like that?''

''It's not that. Please understand me. Y/N you shouldn't let Yanjun come near you.. he isn't that nice you think he is.''

I sighed and then smiled. ''Xukun.. it's really sweet of you, but you shouldn't care about whom I befriend. It's my decision after all.''

As I walk past him I gave him a fake punch on his shoulder. He watched me walk away.
After some while I arrived at the dorm. Exact in front of my room. The suitcase Yanjun carried stood on the floor in front of the door. I smiled then carried it into the room.

I thought the guys would be tired but I was wrong. They were noisy for a long time. Annoyed, I stood up and opened the door just to see a bunch of guys on my right. ''What are you doing? Go to sleep!''

They giggled and looked at me. Then widened their eyes. ''Woahhh why are you here?''
I rolled my eyes. ''That's not important! Go to sleep! The performance is tomorrow!''

''WHY IS EVERYONE SO LOUD?!'' I heard a male familiar voice. He came over to the guys and peeked over to me. It was Qin Fen. ''Oh? What are you doing here?'' I saw a mix of happiness and confusion in his eyes. I winked. ''Good night'' and closed the door.

The next day was full of nervousness and the atmosphere was heavy. I got the guys ready as I helped them with the outfits. Then a unexpected visitor came. It was Yixing. ''Oh dear. You look like you didn't sleep well. That's not good for such a pretty girl.''

Woah I blushed and it feels like I couldn't say anything. ''Ah.. thank you'' I looked up to him. He was smirking. He gestured the guys to leave me with him alone. The next unexpected thing he did was that he put his arm around me and we walked away. ''I think you've done a great job. That's only a thought but if you really did, I'll gladly take you out to dinner'' He smiled at me.

I was just speechless.

As I wanted to say something someone interrupted me. ''I thought it was not allowed to date?''
Schocked I stood there and saw who it was.


This chapter suuuuuucks. I'm sorry! I'll try better next time <3

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