greentext by me

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wrote my first greentext owowowowoowowowowowowowowowowowow uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuw

based off of a true story

>be me
>be 14 in a month
>gf comes over
>gf asks me if i'll sell it to her
>sell what
>"the card"
>"i'll take my shirt off for it"
>be 13.9999999999
>say no
>gf confused
>are you gay
>question myself
>am i gay
>don't want to admit that i have doubts
>kiss gf
>door wide open
>dad walks past
>dad stops for a bit
>her back to the door, she doesn't see it
>pull away from kiss
>she asks if im actually gay since i cant even hold a kiss for more than 1 second
>dad walks away
>die of embarassment
>an hour later
>gf gone home
>awkward at dinner table
>dad asks if im actually fucking gay (parents approve of the relationship)

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