Morning Wood

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Going on a school trip means not being able to masturbate on the duration of that trip. I mean, I can do it in the shower, but the science teacher who came along, Mr Cortez, is strict about taking short showers to conserve water. So I never have time to really enjoy myself.

I wake up in the hot comfort of my blanket, and my eyes sleepily wandering under my eyelids until I choose to open them. Today is a "relax" day, so the students can sleep in as long as they want - before tomorrow, where our schedule is fvcking packed.

I see the light of the sun peeking through the window of the cabin I'm in. I'm sharing it with my friend Ayden.

"Mornin' Riley," Ayden says in his hoarse morning voice. Even though I have no feelings for him - at least romantically - rough voices are my weakness... especially his. I feel the area between my thighs heat up in response to his voice - and then I realize how hard my morning wood is.

"Agh fvck," I groan as I shift uncomfortably while my d!ck remains upright, cuddling my bellybutton.

"What?" Ayden asks with a bit of a laugh, his rough voice still intact, which does not help my situation.

"I just, umm..." I can't think of a proper lie cause I'm still so tired - along with how all of my focus is on how to get rid of this boner which I pray to God Ayden doesn't see - and blurt out with a chuckle, "Morning wood. It's a b!tch."

Really, Riley? You could've said your back hurt. You could've said you had bad dreams. You even could've said your ass itched and that would've been better.

Ayden's face reddens slightly and laughs with me. "Yeah, tell me about it," he says while shaking his head.

We both suffer in awkward silence until I break it by saying, "Well, let's get up." The silence parts, but the sexual tension remains.

I take my blanket off of me and sit on the edge of my bed, rubbing my eyes to cover my hot, crimson red face. Ayden climbs out of bed as well and then freezes. I look up to him and his eyes are directed somewhere south of my eyes.

"Uhh.. your.. your c-cock is...." Ayden sputters and I look down. My fvcking pen!s has its head towards the sky, and is peeking over my underwear, my tip wet with precum.

"Fvck!" I yell and cover my crotch with my hands, trying to adjust it to the side, but having it lay sideways just emphasizes it's length.

Don't get me wrong. Having a big dick is nice. But when I get turned on, there's no going back for me unless I jack off to calm it down.

I look to Ayden in embarrassment and his eyes are still trained on my cock, and I notice a bulge grow in his own gym shorts. He bites his lip and takes in a breath which makes my dick harden all the more.

The silence returns, but it's not awkward anymore. I move my hands away and place them to my sides so he can get a better view. My heart is pounding like crazy but I try to act cool. He looks to me and licks his lips and in a deep husky voice asks, "Do you want me to l-leave you alone so you can... take care of that?" His eyes wander down at least twice while he stumbles over his words.

"Maybe... you could help me with it?" I say with a smile.

His eyes widen and he nods slightly, then he crosses over his bed to mine. As he moves I see his member has grown in length, and becomes nearly as large as mine which sends heat through my core.

He settles next to me on my small twin sized bed and our lips connect. We kiss slowly, but soon pick up pace as they deepen. I feel his hand slide up my thigh, getting closer to my cock. I bite his lip which he then rewards me with a moan and a touch of my tip, rubbing over it slowly.

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