~23~I Fell For You!~

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Jaden's pov


I sat outside on Draco's lap,he was reading with me for Potions class.

''Look..!''Sam jabbed Trent and Nick in the sides,whispering loud enough that we could hear him near the other bench.

''They're reading?''Nick guessed.

''They're dating you retard!''Sam groaned and smacked Nick in annoyance.

''Everybody's saying they are the cutest and most badass couple in the whole school,''Nick stated a fact.

''They are though.''Sam pointed out,Trent seeming to daydream and gazing at me.

I awkwardly shifted,uncomfortable.

''You okay?''Draco mumbled.

''Yeah..''I nodded and we continued reading.

''I would love to kiss her lips,''Trent whispered and I blinked.

''Why bro? She would beat your ass again for the fifth time.''Nick and Sam laughed.

''So? It would be worth it.''Trent smirked,drooling.

I rolled my eyes.

''One second,I'm gonna go ask Snape for that other book.''I got up as Draco walked away.

''I hope you retards know that I can hear y'all.''I snapped over to them and they all seemed surprised.

''Oh--''Trent flushed.

''Save it losers,I'm taken. And I don't like any of you.''I smiled fakely.

''What the fuck did we tell you Trent,she's badass..''Sam mumbled,I rolled my eyes,standing and walking over.

''I like one man.''I ran my fingers through Sams hair as he gazed at me lovey~eyed.

''And it's Malfoy.''I crossed My arms.

''You sure? We can change that.''Sam blurted out,I bent down and elbowed Sam,he groaned and fell to the ground as I stood.

''Okay!''Sam groaned.

''That's what I thought,assholes.''I spat with disgust.

''Back.''Draco held a few books.

''Okay.''I kissed his cheek and walked away.

''Make sure you dicks don't go near my girlfriend. If I catch you trying to hurt her or kiss her,good luck falling asleep without a wand in your throat.''I heard Draco say as he sat down beside me.

They all ran off.

''Losers." I giggled,Draco grinning as I noticed what he was doing.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy!" I smacked him playfully,he burst into laughter.

"It was funny!" He giggled Like a first year with me.

Avry's pov

We have a big hut that me and my boyfriend and Jaden and Draco share with us,we were sitting by the fireplace,talking and drinking hot chocolate.

''This is called chapstick.''I pulled out my watermelon chapstick and showed Harry.

''Chopsticks?''Harry blinked,confused.

''Chapstick.''I corrected him.

''Oh.''Harry took it and awkwardly tried to find out what to do with it.

''Hey Avry--''Harry continued and Luna burst in,starting making out with Harry all the sudden,Jaden and Draco shifted back awkwardly,I gasped and shoved Luna,She ran out and I turned around,Harry lying on the ground and I ran over,helping him up as he bent down.

''Avry Lynn,I fell for you. Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?''Harry held a red and yellow Gryffindor ring that matched his,I gasped and tackled him,kissing him.

''Of course!''I kissed his cheek.

Jaden's pov

I awed when I saw Harry ask Avry to the Yule ball,I looked to see Draco bending on one knee and I held in my giggles.

''Jaden Potter,I fell for you a lot because of how tough you are,will you go to the Yule ball with me?''Draco also held a green and grey ring that matched his,I kissed him immediately and he kissed back,blushing deeply.

''Yes Malfoy!''I kissed his cheeks and he flushed deeper.

He put the ring on my finger and I hugged him,both of us blushing as Harry and Avry were smirking.

''Oh hush.''We all giggled like first years.

''We all giggled like first years

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