Chapter 12: I'm Always Ready

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This training session with Joy and Tanya was different from the others. I could tell that the kiss we shared two days ago left her feeling guilty because she barely said anything during our session and avoided any eye contact with me. Tanya was trying her best to crack jokes, but each of them fell flat because the tension between us was so tense.

"Alright, Joy," I said to her, trying my best to remain normal. "I want six jabs, two uppercuts, bob, weave then a roundhouse kick." I planted my feet in a boxer's stance and held up the black boxer training punching mitts. "Focus on the gloves," I instructed her, "I want speed and power. Three rounds straight, no stopping." She nodded with acknowledgement but still didn't look at me.

Dressed in a white loose-fitting Reebok tank top and dark purple workout tights she was dressed more conservatively than most of the other women in the gym. Even Tanya wore a fuschia Nike sports-bra like tank top with matching multi-colored tights.

Joy began to punch at the mitts, her eyes narrowed with each punch. Her hair was slicked back and sweat dripped down her face as she went through each round. But then, she kept going past three rounds and I let her because I saw that she needed to get out some aggression. After the sixth round I stopped her.

"Okay, okay," I said gently. "That's enough. We font want to overwork those muscles. We've done slot today."

"Damn girl, what got into you?" Tanya asked. Joy's eyes widened at her question and it was then that I could tell that she hadn't told Tanya anything about what happened between us a few days ago.

"I'm just giving 110%," she said before gulping some of her bottled water. I began to put up our equipment up as they talked.

"Well whatever you're doing, it's working," Tanya said. "How much have you lost anyways?"

"Eight pounds," she replied. She still refused to look at me. I wanted to compliment her on the changes I was starting to see in her body, but I didn't want to make things even more awkward. "Forget me, you look smaller in the waist yourself."

"I've lost five pounds," she said doing a slow, model-like spin in a circle.

"Aight, aight," I said chuckling, "I want you both to give me three miles on the treadmill to finish off the workout."

"But my legs are on fire!" Tanya whined. "I don't think I can even walk a mile after that workout. You tried to kill us today."

"Trust me, your body is much stronger than what you think." I told her unequivocally. Then I turned my attention to Joy. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," she said only looking at me briefly.

I hesitated for a few minutes, scanning all of her delicate features before responding. "After you finish the run, make sure to get some protein in your body within the hour."

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