Ten: Owning Our Scars

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Uma kept her eyes on Helena, "Smart plan. I know there was a reason I had you on my crew."

Helena seemed taken back for a moment, "You mean, I'm in?"

Uma let out a laugh, "Do you really have another choice?"

Helena bit back the smart remark she was going to say, Harry choosing to speak up at this time. "So what are we doing today?"

"For now, let's try to get back to normal," Uma said before waking into the back of the restaurant. "Helena, you're working in the kitchen."

"Love to."


Back in Auradon, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos were getting ready for school after all that happened yesterday. But it was weird for them to pretend like everything was normal when it wasn't. A big piece of them was missing, and it was if they just put a band-aid over the large wound Helena left behind. The girls had to wake up to an empty bed. The four had to walk through the hallways with an empty space. It all felt wrong.

"Hey Carlos," Jane called out to the de Vil boy as he left his last period class.

Carlos stopped and turned to face her. "Hi Jane."

Jane showed him the tablet she was holding, "So the surprise you wanted for Helena is well on its way and it'll be done by Cotillion. And based on what you told me, these are a few of the designs we came up with. What do you think?"

"That one, she likes simple things," Carlos said, pointing to the one that Helena would like most. "So when do you want me to pay for all of this?"

"Yo don't have to. That's already been taken of." Carlos' eyes widened in shock, Jane wondering why he was confused. "You already paid, remember? You left me the money for the surprise in my dorm. It was a lot of money in there, way more than what you had to pay, but there a note attached saying to keep the change." Jane looked at him skeptically, "That was you, wasn't it?"

Carlos slowly nodded his head, "Uh yeah, I did. Sorry, I guess it just slipped my mind." 

"Look, I know that things haven't been tough for Helena lately, but I think this will cheer her up. It'll remind her that she has you in her life," Jane said, Carlos having to hide the pain that arose at her words. "Well I gotta go, but make sure to tell me if there's anything you need."  

Jane shot the white haired boy a smile before walking away, Carlos letting out a sigh as he turned to walk back to his dorm. He put his headphones over his ears, letting the music drown out the outside world.

Helena couldn't help but enter his mind. Their relationship was built on communication and trust. It was the main reason why they were close to begin with. They trusted her each other, telling each other things that they could never tell anyone. Helena was the first person he told about his mother, and Carlos was the person she revealed her struggles to.

Carlos was well aware of Helena's wounds, but he wasn't aware of just how deep they were. How they were etched into the very fabric of her being and she felt as if she couldn't get away from it. 

Carlos was silent as he entered the girls' room, where they all agreed to meet after school. Mal, Evie, and Jay were already inside, distracting themselves with idle tasks until they waited on Carlos to show. Jay sitting on the edge of Mal's bed, reading through the Swords & Shields rule book with the daughter of Maleficent beside him as she read through her spell book. Evie was working on yet another outfit for the Cotillion at her desk, humming tune as she worked.

"Hey guys," Carlos spoke up as he closed the door behind him, taking off his headphones and sitting on Helena's bed.

"Great, you're here. Let's get started," Mal said as she put the spell book down, jumping up from her bed to face the three. "We need to get Helena back but in order to do that, we have to work out all the details first. So what do we know so far?"

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