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The bell finally rang, alerting eveyone it was time for summer. Meaning a whole 10 weeks to spend with her boyfriend and her bestfriends.

Abi walked out of class and directly to Spencer (Her boyfriend) She watched him laugh with his friends as they messed about. She liked seeing Spencer happy, it made her happy, well outside it did.

"Hey Baby," Spencer Flirted as he brushed his finger tips through his smooth, dark quiff. His sleeves rolled up to just above his elbows in a badboy fashion.

"Hey," She replied, biting her lip.

Emily and Jasmine followed behind looking rather cute in their Pauls Boutique Jackets.

Spencer hugged her around the waist whilst gently kissing Abi on her forehead. She loved it when Spencer kissed her there, he knew she adored it.

"You ready?," Spencer smirked whilst locking hands with her, sending a flutter to arise in her stomach.

She pushed open the glass doors, which had been newly refurbished. Then walked towards her car, before pushing her phone into her bag.

She had so much in her life that she was beginning to not have anyone to share it all with. With all the gifts her parents would give her because of their guiltless of the fact that they were always away.

"Can you come over tonight?," Spencer bit his lip, making Abi instantly melt inside.

"I can't, sorry, parents are home," She rolled her eyes. Her parents aren't home much, they usually have business trips and Such. Although Abi never really payed attention to their work though, nothing that interests her too much for the future, she already knew what she wanted to be. An English teacher.


She pulled out her keys, unlocking the front door. Her parents car was already parked on the driveway, they were away so often that she'd almost forgotten what car they drove.

"Whats the occasion,"  She asked, astonished by her mother cleaning for once and not the actual cleaner.

"Well Abigail, if you would like to take a seat me and your father have something to tell you," Replied her  mother, before turning the hoover off and unplugging it from the socket.

God this is never a good thing she thought to herself. She sat down on the sofa and looked up at her parents who stood about half a meter away from her, looking down. It probably looked asif she was being told off but she wasn't, infact it was far worse.

"We are having an exchange student staying with us from Autralia for 4 months," Her Farther exclaimed, pure excitment filling his face.

"What? You did this without asking?." Abi shouted, she didn't like the idea of having to share her personal things.

"Tomorrrow morning at 9 am" Her mother spoke suddenly making Abi jump.

"Is it a girl or a boy?'." She asked, curiosity taking over. She had alot of curiosity, it was pretty wierd, actually.

"A boy, his name is Ashton Irwin and he is about the same age as you maybe one year older," Her farther spoke, still smiling in excitment.

She couldn't believe that they actually trust her to have a boy staying in the house after what happened last time.

She got up and stomped up to her bedroom, she was so confused.

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