15| Adorable.

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Annie was round at Luke's for another tutoring-revision lesson, but instead they had spent the last twenty minutes lip locked and panting.

"I'm supposed- supposed to be helping you..." Annie chuckled, pulling her head back and resting it on the pillow. As soon as they got to Luke's, his mouth was on hers in seconds, not missing a single beat.

Annie made sure to ask if anybody was home, and luckily no one was until later. She then helped him upstairs where he continued their make out session further.

"Trust me, you are." Luke smirked, finding her lips again and pulling her closer to him.

Luke loved this, being able to call Annie his own and make-out with her whenever. In that way, their relationship was similar to his and Kelly's, yet theirs was so much different. Luke actually, genuinely liked Annie, and he knew, one day, he would more than just like her. And he knew that day wasn't too far away, it was only round the corner.

"Not the way I'm supposed to be," She chuckled, something Luke realised he adored. Just the way he could feel her nose crinkle some times, or when she allowed him too feel her face, and he could feel the wrinkles by her lips and eyes. She was adorable.

Annie thought that now the two were dating, Luke was a lot more comfortable around her, even though he still had his shy moments. Like now for instance, after he realised he had yet another pretty obvious boner. He assumed it was obvious considering the pain he was in, and the fact that Annie pointed it out.

"Sorry, you're just so hot." He spoke, attempting to be sexy but eventually breaking out into giggles. That was the side of him that Annie liked.

Before the accident, Annie rarely saw Luke, but when she did, he was never smiling. He was always with his girlfriend, Kelly, who Annie didn't particularly like. She never imagined Luke to be shy, he was always the most athletic, most attractive, most everything in school, he had nothing to be shy about. He is adorable, Annie thought.

Annie was feeling a lot more confident than usual, and slightly horny too. So she pushed his chest lightly, their lips still pressed together as he fell back against the bed. She crawled onto his lap, biting his bottom lip as she placed her hands on his chest.

Luke placed his hands on her waist, smiling up to her and squeezing her skin. He could get used to this, having a beautiful girl on his lap, his girl too, it made being blind almost worth it.

He wasn't expecting this though, especially from his innocent girlfriend. He wasn't actually sure why he had made up this innocent profile for her, but he presumed she fit the role as he could often feel her blushing at his crude remarks.

He also wasn't expecting her to move. He thought this was going to be a breath taking make-out like normal, not turn into something more. A whimper left Annie's lips, which she was initially embarrassed about before a god given moan fell from Luke's lips. It was definitely the sexiest thing Annie had ever heard.

This was the best moment of Luke's life, he thought.

Liz, however, was not enjoying the scene. She had just gotten home from an utterly boring day at work to see her blind son making out with his girlfriend of just over a week. He was completely smitten over her and he didn't even know it. 

She had only been stood there for approximately 2 seconds and she was already uncomfortable. Hearing her youngest son moan was definitely something she did not want to hear, ever.

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