Living Through Mishaps(Avengers Fan Fiction)

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"Happy. How many times do I have to tell you? The iPad is upside down. And you probably put the language as Japanese. Check the iPad, JARVIS. Fix everything so Happy can go back to watching whatever soap opera he was watching this time." I ordered.

"Right away, Ms. Danielle."

"I shouldn't even let Happy have any electronic devices, should I JARVIS?"

"It is totally up to you, Ms. Danielle." JARVIS replied.

"I'm gonna take away his taser too." I whispered.

"I hope you know I can hear every word you're saying." Happy looked annoyed. He was sitting across from me on the jet. I looked at him. Just looked.

"Yep. Take his taser away. Add that to my 'To Do When Later Comes Around' list, JARVIS." I looked back to my phone.

"Right away, ma'am."

"I thought I was suppose to be your bodyguard, Danielle. Not your babysitter." Happy sighed.

"Well I happen to need a babysitter most of the time." I took a sip of my smoothie.

"And don't take away my taser."

"You can barely work an iPad! How do I know you won't accidentally tase me?" I scrolled through my Instagram.

"If I did tase you, Tony would either die laughing or kill me-"

"Selfie! Happy! Get over here. You're taking a picture with me." Happy grumbled as he sat beside me. "There. Gorgeous. Now for the epic caption..... #babysitter. Wow. I'm funny." I laughed a bit and put my iPhone down.

"Ms. Stark? The jet will be landing in New York in less than fifteen minutes." One of the flight attendants I called "Fernando" said to me before disappearing back into the cockpit. I called him Fernando because it was a funny name to say and he looked like a hot Fernando.

"Right. Fifteen minutes." I put my smoothie down and stood up, clapping my hands together. "I am changing out of pajamas. JARVIS? Send an email to Rhodey. Tell him thanks for the birthday gift. Actually email everyone who was at my party and tell them all that goodie thank you stuff." I snapped my fingers twice before going back to my room type thing where my clothes and a super soft couch was. "Don't come back here, Happy. I'm changing."

"Didn't plan on it, Danielle." Happy mumbled.

"JARVIS? Add find Happy a new name to fit his personality to my list as well." I said as I changed.

I put on a short strapless white lace dress and a black leather jacket. I curled my blonde hair and put on eyeliner and mascara before getting out of the jet with Happy in front of me and Johnny behind me.

Johnny was my second bodyguard, Happy's trainee.

Happy pushed photographers and paparazzi out of the way so we could get to our cars.

"Happy? Johnny? Do some male bonding. Ride in your own car. I'll race you to the Tower." I hopped in the driver seat of my navy blue Audi and took off.

It's been a year and a half since I was kidnapped by Justin Hammer, Ian Quinn, John Garret, and others. It's been a year and a half since I last saw Agent Grant Ward.

I hadn't talked to him since.

Fury said Grant was being evaluated and different things.

Phil keeps me up to date on things like that.

Last time we talked, Grant was on a mission in Saudi Arabia.

So I guess he still worked for SHIELD.

I think that part came from me. I had a long, long talk with Fury about it.

But its been about six months since I started dating Austin Rogers.

GUYS!! First chapter!!!

I owe the great title to @kjsd562 !!

Thank you all who are reading this and I love you!!!

<3 Kacey <3

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