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Author/s: Only me.
Warning:  Really Short, and possibly dead people from laughing.

"Kim Namjoon! Don't you dare touch that vase!" Y/n pulled Namjoon's hand away from the expensive vase he was in front of.

"That is an expensive item. And my Mom will kill me if it breaks." You and BTS were having a vacation back at your home country, with you visiting your family.

"The God of Destruction is at it again." Jin says as they follow Y/n, still holding Namjoon's hands.

"Y/n!" Y/n's Mom vame over as they hugged, the boys standing behind them nervously. "Mom! Daddy!" (I dont know how you call your parents so you can change it if you want)

She ran to her Father's arms as he looked back at the boys, still standing still. "Y/n? Who are they?" He pointed at them as Y/n introduced them to eachother happily.

"Dad. This is Bangtan Sonyeondan. That's Namjoon, the leader." He bowed and smiled at them.

"Thats Jungkook, JHope, Suga, Taehyung, Jin and Jimin." They all bowed together.

"Nice to meet you boys." Mom says as Dad glares at them.

"Oh! Namjoon, did'nt you have something to give them?" Y/n reminds Namjoon.

"Uhh, yeah about that..." He shows a broken apart sculpture of a heart.

"I kind of broke it on the way here... "

Sorry for it being so short. Thanks for reading!!!

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