Band-Aids - Ketchup.

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Taylor's POV

    "I'm surprised you guys don't have any interviews and everything." Alice said as we all sat in Liam's living room.

    "Simon gave us a couple weeks off." Harry smiled.

    "Nice." She said.

    "I'm bored." I whined.

    "Me too." Louis replied.

    "What can we do?" I asked.

    "Erm," Liam said. "We can play a game."

    "How about truth or dare?" Alice suggested.

    "Okay, whose first?" Liam asked.

    "ME!" Niall yelled. "Okay, uh, Zayn truth or dare?"


    "Is it true you had fun last night at the club?" Niall smiled innocently.

    "Yes, I did." He smirked.

    Something was going on with them but I am not wasting my time to find out.

   "Taylor, truth or dare?" Zayn asked.

   "Ah, geez." I groaned as I was playing seated on the top of the couch as my legs on Harry's shoulders as I played with his curls. "Truth."

    "Who is the cutest band member?" He winks.

    "Are you kidding me?" I said. "None of you. You are all passed 'cute'."

    "Like what?" Zayn said.

    "You are very smoking hot and it burns me in the face." I said with a serious face. Niall and Louis start to laugh and seriously almost piss their pants.

   "Okay," I said. "You, Tomlinson! Truth or dare?"

   "Dare!" He yelled happily.

   "I dare you to see if you can drink a whole bottle of ketchup in less than a minute!" I giggled.

   "Hold on!" He jumped up and grabbed a bottle of ketchup from the kitchen. "Sorry, Li."

   "I don't even use ketchup." Liam smiled nicely.

   I got out my phone as I started the timer. Alice was behind me videotaping. 

    "Ready," I said. "Set! GO!"

    The lid of the ketchup was off as he started to chug it. The ketchup was thick so it was probably hard to get it out of the bottle. It might have been a good idea to squeeze out the ketchup instead but this is Mr. Louis Tomlinson. He didn't choose the thug life; the thug chose him.

    The result of that dare was Louis did finish the bottle of ketchup in an exactly a minute.

    "My mouth is going to taste like ketchup for a year." He glared. "Alice, truth or dare?"

    "Truth." She laughed.

    "Chicken," Louis joked. "Is it true that you and Taylor have kissed?"

    "What?!" Alice exclaimed. I started to laughing and so did she. "No, we haven't kissed!"

    "Just wondering!" Louis said holding his hands up in defense.

    "Okay then," Alice said. "Styles, truth or dare?"

    "Dare." He smirked.

    "I dare you to.." She said putting her hand on her chin. "Take off all of your clothes!"

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