Chapter Five.

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(A/N: just the imagine)

Dinah's POV

At about seven o'clock in the evening, I was finally done for the day. I would've been done earlier, but Normani decided it would be a great time to wrestle. Some thing is really wrong with that girl. I said goodbye to my girls and headed out of the studio. I walked to my car and got in. I locked my doors after I got in because a bitch be scared at night. I threw my bag in the back and started the car. I backed out of my parking spot and pulled off. My phone started ringing, so I answered from the car.

"Yes, Y/N?" I asked.

"Who Y/N?" Neveah asked. I chuckled at her.

"That's mommy's name, babygirl," I said and she gasped.

"You tellin' me mommy's 'ame not mommy. I shooketh," she said and I started laughing. She was most definitely Y/N's child.

"Oh, lord. Where's mommy?" I asked.

"Her with Carson," she answered.

"Can you give mommy the phone?" I asked and and she hummed as her response.

"Mommy, mama wan you," She told Y/N and handed her the phone.

"What's up?" She asked.

"Do you want me to pick up something to eat?" I asked her as I continued to drive home.

"No, I was actually waiting for you to leave the studio, so I can start cooking which I will do now."

"I want pasta," I said playfully.

"Of course you do. Anything else? I bought steaks, too."

"You know what just cook everything 'cause ya girl is hungry," I said as my stomach started to growl and she chuckled.

"Okay, I got you. See you when you get home."

"Okay, Y/N."

"Drive safe. Love you."

"Love you, too."

She hung up and I was stuck in traffic. This was just great. It took me 30 minutes to get out of traffic and then it took me another 30 minutes to get home. I parked my car in the garage, got out and let the garage down.

"Mama's home! Mama's home!" Neveah chanted behind the door and Carson's giggling. I opened it and she immediately jumped in my arms. Carson was standing right there looking up at me. I picked both of them up and closed the door.

"Where's mommy?" I asked them and Neveah pointed towards the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen with my little humans in my arms. The whole house smelt good.

"Hi, Y/N," I said. She turned towards me and smiled at me.

"Hi, Dinah Jane. How was the recording session?"

"It was good. Normani and I wrestled most of the time."

"Of course. Well, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes, so go take a shower and what not."

"Alright," I brought the kids to the living room and let them play.  I went upstairs to take a quick shower and wash my hair. I decided to basically go natural and let my curls come back to life. I still had it dyed blonde, but I wasn't straightening or curling it everyday. I shampooed, conditioned, deep conditioned and detangled my hair. I rinsed the deep conditioner out. I washed my body three more times and then got out. I dried off and used a microfiber towel to dry my hair. I put lotion on, styled my hair and put on some shorts with a oversized sweater and fuzzy socks.

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