Living with my brother and his player room mates

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Living with my brother and his player friends .

Chapter 1 ,

[James's POV]

"I don't understand why your kid sister has to come move in with us ." Jayden said , as he sat down on the beat up old couch . He had gelled up hair , brown eyes and a silver ring through one of his dark brown eye brows . I shrugged , I had given up explaining the situation to him . I was sitting down on the other beat up couch , across from my 4 room mates : Ryan , Jayden , Joshua and Ethan . Joshua stood up .

"Dude , come on ! Your baby sister cannot stay here !" he said throwing his arms in the air . "How am I suppose to bring girls here ?" I furrowed my eyebrows . Joshua had shaggy brown hair , and blue eyes , he has a lip ring , and a tattoo on his arm .

"That makes no sense , what does Isabella have to do with that ?" I asked . He shrugged and sat back down .

Ryan came in from the kitchen , holding a plate with a sandwich .

"She cant stay here ." he said sitting down next to Jayden . Ethan was sleeping so no one had gotten the chance to tell him the "oh so great news" . Jayden had blond-ish brown hairs , its was skater looking hair that reached just above his eyes , he has green eyes , and one tattoo . I finally had enough arguing , I stood up . " You guys need to chill , she is staying here and that's final !Lets not forget , I'm the one that bought this house in the first place . If you don't like it leave." I said and pointed at the door . They all remained in their seats. I smiled and walked upstairs . It had been such a long day , my kid sister , Isabella had called me in the morning , and told me she had gotten kicked out of her dorm , cause the campus police had found crack in her room . Which clearly wasn't hers , she had hated all kinds of drugs since she was little . Both our parents had been druggies , so they never took care of us . They were either too high to care or just not home . So we had taken care of ourselves since we were kids . When she had finished telling me about how she had three days to move out , I invited her to come live with me and my room mates . She had squealed and then clicked . Then when I told my room mates , we had been fighting all afternoon . Now I was off to bed .

Issy would be here in the morning and I wanted to be the first to see her .

[Isabella's POV]

When my brother had told me that I could go live with him, I was beyond happy . I clicked right away and started packing . I had gotten kicked out of my dorm room when the police had raided a party , and found drugs and beer in the my room , but of course I had to lie to my brother . We had a not-so-happy past , so he wouldn't have pity on me if I had told me what really happened . So I just blamed Tom , my room mate . He had done the same thing to me , when the police had showed up , he had blamed me . I was so furious that I attacked him there in front of everyone ! I punched his straight on the nose and probably broke it when my fist connected with it , then I kneed him in the crotch . I wasn't some girly girl , I knew how to fight . I had learned in middle school when kids would tease me because of my druggie parents . One day I just got so mad that I started to beating up anyone that would tease me , but those kids would tell their older siblings , so I had to fight those kids too . From that day on , I never took crap from anyone . I packed all my cloths and makeup and stole some of Tom's money from his bedside table . All he slept I got a pair of scissors and cut a whole in all his pants . I quickly grabbed my bags and dashed out of the room . I threw all my bags into my old beat up Honda and drove to my brothers house . I parked into the drive way and left my bags inside . I walked up the gravel path , that was nearly too long . And tripped too many times . When I go to the door , I rang the doorbell .

[Jayden's POV]

I answered the door , to find the most gorgeous girl in the world standing on the porch . She smiled at me , and I couldn't help smiled back . She was hot ! She had wavy brown hair , and electric blue eyes . She was wearing a tight white tee shirt that was see through , so I could she had a bikini underneath , she has some short jean shorts , and I rocking body .

"Um , is James here?" she asked . I felt my smile disappear . Why would she want to see James?

"Uh , yeah . But he is sleeping . And also I don't think he is going to want to hang out , his kid sister is going to be moving in with us ." I said and made a face at the last part . I didn't want his sister moving in .

She let out a light chuckle . "By any chance is her name Isabella?" she asked cocking her head to the right .

"Yeah , you know the little demon?" I asked in shock that some hottie would be hanging out with some kid .

She arched an eyebrow . "I am her" she said and pushed pasted me . Oh god ! She isn't a kid! She is the hottest girl on earth . Living with her would be interesting .. In a BAD way .



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