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Effie tried in frantic desperation to bite his hand that firmly covered her mouth. When this proved to be futile, the sixteen-year-old girl attempted to remove his hand with her own. This did not hinder him as he instead stuffed a cloth in her mouth.

He shoved her down onto his bed and roughly pressed his body against hers. She started to thrash around on instinct, her crying muffled.

Effie tried to plead to Lucian with her sobbing and sad eyes, but it did not affect him. She begged him silently to stop, but he didn't. Why would he? Rapists never stop.

She again attempted to push him away with her frail arms, which was almost laughable in his eyes. He easily grabbed her wrists, applying a painful amount of pressure as he pressed them down against the bed.

"I love you," Lucian said sickly, his hand reaching below her skirt to feel her bare thigh.

He forced her legs apart as he kept her tightly in place, tuning out her wails. She let out another muffled plea for him to stop.

It did not disturb him. His hand continued to slide up her skirt, and he gripped her hips. Effie bit down hard on her bottom lip to keep herself from making any more noise. The feeling of him touching her skin overwhelmed her senses, and it wasn't in a positive way.

He smiled when he saw her underwear. It was childish and pink, but Effie had no time to be embarrassed. "That's cute."

He was taunting her, like he had always done at school, and she doesn't make an effort to respond -- not that she could form a coherent response anyways. At this point, she did not want to be further humiliated. She wanted this entire terrible ordeal to be over with.

He continued to rub along her pale thighs, before he slowly pulled down her skirt with her underwear following soon afterwards. He let the clothing fall carelessly to the floor.

"You're so depressing," he whispers, and she doesn't understand what he means. She doesn't bother to ask, nor did she move a muscle.

Her lack of reaction was a mood kill for her rapist. This was beginning to become boring for him.

He started to press his cold lips against her thighs, giving her open-mouthed kisses. It did not feel good, but it got a reaction out of her as she tried to buck him off.

It was sudden when Lucian forced her hips up and flipped her around onto her stomach. He yanked her hair without any pity, and she cried out through her gag. Tears slid down her cheeks that had grown bright red from crying so much.

She could feel his hard-on, and it repulsed her. Her stomach was tightening on the inside. Effie could not comprehend how someone could be so horrible.

Lucian ground their hips together, muttering curse words underneath his breath. He was enjoying everything he was doing to his victim.

Effie flinched as she heard his zipper come down. She closed her tear-filled, blurry eyes.

"Don't," she tried to say.

He placed himself against her, his body hovering over hers. He once again flipped her around, as though she were a rag doll. Her eyes shot open, and a deranged, upward quirk of his lips made her want to vomit.

"Tell me that you love me."

His hand leaned down to gently caress her mouth before he removed the cloth, allowing her to speak. She stared tiredly at him.

"Stop it," she begged timidly, her glassy eyes boring into her assaulter.

Lucian's hand struck hard across her cheek, and had she not been pinned down, she would have attempted to soothe it. She hissed and cried out in pain.

"I love--"

Effie suddenly violently jerked and then dry heaved, cutting herself off abruptly. He waited patiently and smiled as she whispered quietly, "I love you."

"I love you."

He no longer stalls, forcing himself into her with a force that makes her screech. She could not catch her breath, her throat burning. Nasal mucus dribbled down from the inside of her nose, and Lucian eagerly licked it up.

That was the second time that he had raped her, and it would be far from the last.

It would almost seem sweet when the depraved teenager held her in his arms minutes after the savage assault had ended, but there was nothing sweet about it because he was a rapist.

Lucian comforted Effie's shivering form, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. He read her some of the poems he had written about her while she listened with a heavy heart and empty mind.

"I'm so happy I have you," gushed Lucian, that delusional glint appearing in his eyes. It terrified her. "I love you."

Effie looked up to gaze at him, that miserable expression taking over her face. Her sad green eyes no longer held the light that they used to, the bags underneath them -- caused by her sleep deprivation -- making her look constantly exhausted. Lucian still thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Perhaps she would be flattered if he wasn't an abuser.

He leaned down to kiss her. His lips captured Effie's, body molding with hers as he pulled her close. Warmth flooded his body, pure happiness filling him. She felt nothing but the slow and agonizing drag of his mouth.

When they finally parted, it was because Lucian's phone had buzzed. He huffed and swore before grabbing it.

"Your stepmom texted me," said Lucian, irritated. "The whore needs you home."

Relief filled Effie, and she stood from his bed unsurprisingly swiftly. She grabbed her underwear and skirt, sliding them back on as quick as she could. Her tormentor followed after her as she made her way downstairs, the pair giving fake smiles and casual goodbyes to his oblivious but loving parents who had no idea that their son had just raped a girl for the second time in the same bedroom that they had helped decorate.

Lucian walked her home in the dark, despite how tiresome it was. He didn't have a car just yet. The distance between their houses was quite a walk -- about forty-five minutes -- making him seem like such a sweet and caring boyfriend, but of course, he was a monster.

Effie used to be such a happy girl. A teenager like her should be having fun and making the most of her youth, but that wasn't how her life was destined to go. Lucian had put a fast stop on her childhood.

He was an abuser, a bully, and a predator with a disturbed agenda. This fox had no plans to let his rabbit go.

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