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Some time later

Mary's pov

This pain is unbearable. I can't control it . I got moved back to vista because of legal stuff . Today I had to wear an all black hoodie ,sweatpants ,and hat from nike . I wore this in order to hide the bruises on my faces that I got at the other school for supposedly not  fitting in according to the popular girls. I get off my car and get ready for hell  . And they gave me a the same schedule . Fuck me !
I walk in and the gang of popular girls start talking bad about me just because I wore all black .  They started beating me up . My face just got more banged up . Ugh this day is a bunch of Shit . I got up and fixed my hair in the restroom. I got to my first period and just felt pain every where throughout my body .
Then 2nd period came . I was still in pain .
Then here came 3rd gosh they beat me up bad .
4th period was just a pain in the ass . And here goes 5th period , my body was a hurting mess I sat down in the only seat available which is beside Ethan . It was mid class my body was in so much pain . At this point tears streamed down my face from pain mentally and physically I'm just an utter mess all you hear from the class is my quiet sniffles. I kept my head down not wanting Ethan or anybody to see me .

"Hey are you ok ?" Ethan asks from beside me .

I nod and keep my head down . The pain got worse I just needed some Tylenol or something.

"Don't lie it's ok to have bad days , I'm having a bad day myself." He said .

I just sit there and try to finish my work . With my head down wanting this physical pain to go away. All the bad memories started flooding my brain that made my pain even worse . All I could do was cry quietly.

"Come on look up at me. Pain doesn't last forever it's just a long day ."he said .

I shake my head in no . Because I promised to never bother him ever again. I feel his warm hand under my chin he lifts my head up . Next thing you know he looks at me and notices me his eyes go wide In shock and gasps at all the bruises covering my face . My eyes poured tears . I got up and walked out of class quickly not letting him speak and not wanting to hear him say a word . I drove to my house and took some Tylenol. I put on some shorts and a ombré blue sweatshirt . I slipped into bed and hugged my knees tight as I cried into them . Oh how this day is painful.

I heard a knock at my door I saw Grayson through the peep hole . I see him leave then I hear the back door open . Man how the hell did he open the door .

"Mary !"he calls out .

"Princess I came to talk to you ." He called out.

I hear him getting closer to the living room my heart speeds up . I was nervous cause I know he hates me for hurting his brother and coming back . He sees me he has an angry expression on his face and takes a chair from the kitchen and places it in front of me . He takes a seat . I pull up my hoodie.

"Why would you hurt my brother . He did nothing to you . Because of you he cut himself Because of you he cried every night , because of you he hated himself. But when you left he changed the old nice Ethan came back . He is happy now he has a beautiful girlfriend that makes him feel like he's worth it . She brightens up his days . Oh that girl makes him so happy . On the other hand you just made him feel like shit you changed him completely he was so dark when you were with him . He never smiled . He just was a broken mess . Now he's happy and you're not going to ruin that . So you better walk into class and not speak to him whatsoever. Don't even look at him in the hallways. Don't get close to him or interfere with him in any kind of way . If you do you're fucking dead you hear me you're dead to me and the rest of the world . You hear me !" He scowls which makes me jump .

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