~22~Sleeping and Kissing~

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Jaden's pov

I sat beside Avry,Harry and Draco during Divination,me and Avry did make up,but still were hurt and crap. I grumbled and rested my head on my Draco's shoulder,Avry and Harry's head wasn't visible because they were covering there faces and they were sleeping,Draco and I were nearly asleep,Professer {{I dunno her name }} was teaching the class and Luna and Kelsey were day dreaming and Professer Mystery slammed her book into the table and we shot up,Harry slamming his head against the desk and he groaned.

''Jesus Potter,''Draco mumbled and rubbed his eyes.

Nobody's pov

''Look how pretty Draco is..'' Kelsey whispered to Luna.

''Look at how Harry's hair is messy--I just wanna run my fingers through it..''Luna whispered back.

''Shoot..!''Luna squeaked as Avry and Jaden stood and walked out with the boys,they went to the restroom as they waited out in the hall,Luna and Kelsey both got up and ran over to them.

''Hey Boys.''Kelsey spoke up nervously.

''Hi?''Draco tilted his head in confusion.

"Wanna go to the Yule Ball with us?''Luna flipped her long locks.

''No. We already are planning on asking some actually cute girls.''Draco shot back.

''Okay,they don't have to know,''Kelsey flipped her hair and Avry and Jaden stood behined them both,fake coughing as they shot around,the two boys smirking in amusement.

''U-Uh--!''Luna panicked.

''Tryna talk to my man,Lovegood?''Avry Snarled,angry.

''No Ma'am!''Luna saluted her.

''Back off before I break your ugly faces!''Jaden Snarled and they both ran as fast as Coyotes.

''Serves them right.''Avry spat as her and her best friend,Jaden,High Fived.

Jaden's pov

I held Draco's hand and said goodbye to my brother and his girlfriend.

''I'll be right back,I forgot my bag.''I told him quickly and ran back.

~~5 Minutes Later~~

I ran back over and froze.

''D-Draco..?''I stuttered,he turned around.

''Jaden I can explain--''

''No. I'm done with you. Goodbye Malfoy.''I ran off,Draco running after me.

I got to my dormitory and shut the door before he could get in,I locked it as he yelled loudly.



Draco's pov

Well fuck.

''FINE!TELL AVRY THAT --''I yelled.

''IM NOT AN OWL!''She slammed the door open,tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

''If you would of let me explain--''I talked normally.

''What? That you were making out with Pansy?''She spat coldly,her eyes filled with pain and tears.

''She kissed me! I didn't kiss her!''I yelled lightly.

''How am I supposed to believe you?''She stepped forward,we gazed into eachother eyes.

''Trust..''I mumbled and kissed her softly,followed by her kissing back.

''Fine..--Please don't do it again..''She grabbed my hand,hugging me.


''You promise that we'll love eachother forever no matter what?''She asked.

''Always.''We both said at the same time and sat down,kissing.

Avry's pov

I sat in DADA class with Harry,he was writing down something while I read over spells,Sectrumsempra? Why did he need me to study this? All it says in the books is-

Used for enemies.

What am I supposed to do with this? I don't have any enemies.

But Harry does.

Voldemort,All Slytherins--

I know who!

It was Draco!

Jaden's pov

~~Next Day~~

It was snowing lightly outside and I had on earmuffs and a big puffy jacket,Harry did as well but was wearing a hat. Avry was just wearing a big jacket and everybody wore gloves. We were all outside,me,Harry,Avry,Ron and Hermione were all watching hippogriffs,Draco appeared beside me and I didn't notice until he spoke up.

''Oh.''He spat.

''Draco!''I kissed his cold cheek and his face turned even more pink.

''Hi.''Ron waved at Draco and Draco nodded as in hello.

''Oo! Look!''Ron and Hermione pointed to the mistletoe growing above everybody's heads,Harry and Avry kissed eachother quickly and Hermione kissed Rons frecklely cheek.

''Y'all are the only ones left! We'll give y'all some privacy!''Harry smirked and I rolled my eyes as everybody went to the shrieking shack.

I turned to Draco,realizing we were a centimeter apart from eachother,we both blushed in embarrassment and he grabbed my hands and I stood on my tippy toes and kissed him.

''Love you buddy.''I whispered and he rolled his eyes,smiling. We kissed.

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