Rated R? (Full Story)

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I watched as she tilted her head back for me. I don't think I should do it. But she's just so damn tempting. I grew closer to her neck as my fangs slowly came through my gums. I licked her from her jaw to the bottom of her neck. Her skin tasted as strawberries and she smelled as sweet as them too.

The smoothness of her skin got me rock hard. I traced my tongue down the vein I was prepared to bite. My hands roamed around her body, feeling her up. She has an ass out of this world. The roundness of her breast was against my chest; her flat tummy was against my abs.

I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her and pressed her harder to me. I lick the vein once more before I slowly pierced it with my razor sharp fangs. She let out a gasp that turned into a moan. I ran my fingers through her black sleek hair, massaging her scalp in the process.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I took one more sip. I pulled away licking the freshly made wound from dripping. I shook as I licked my lips. She tasted better than I imagined.

She jumped down off of me. I looked down into her hazel eyes. They're so fucking hypnotizing. It looked as if I was staring into a pool of caramel goodness. I moved my eyes down slowly to her fat pink lips. She has DSL, and if you deny it, you're just a dumbass. I stared at them for a good few seconds until she grabbed the back of my head and smashed them onto mine.

At first it started off as a simple peck. Until I started to lick her lips. She giggled and let me into her mouth. Before I tongued her down, I sucked on her lips. Making them plumper then they already were. She moaned loudly, adding to her sexiness. After teasing her, I finished teasing her, I French kissed her. Our tongues were at war. Mine dominated as always. I roamed around her mouth. She tasted as freshly cut peaches.

I slowly pulled my tongue out her mouth. Trying to savor the taste as long as possible, before I fully pulled away. I pecked her once more then fell too my knees.

I undid the button on her shorts then looked up at her for approval. She had a light tent on blush on her cheeks. This made me smirk. I had this effect on a lot of girls. But her right here, she's special. She nodded her head in a yes way. Then I continued. I pulled down the zipper of the shorts then lightly chuckled. Ger panties said "Hello" right in the crotch. I shook my head and continued.

I ran my hands to the back of her shorts and squeeze her ass. She giggled again and slightly moaned. I slowly pulled them down to see that the panties were thongs. I looked up at her and shook my head. "You're such a naughty naughty girl" she didn't say anything just smirked and shrugged.

I put my hands through the top of the thong and pulled it out her ass. She gave me a questionable look. I gave her one right back; she just looked at me and rolled her eyes. I popped the thong on her then stood.

As I stood I started to rub my fingers on her clitoris. She bit down trying to hold back the moans that were threatening to come out. I whispered in her ear "Scream as loud as you want, my roommate is gone" she looked at me and did so. It was like music to my ears. I slipped my hands inside to get some of her juices on my fingers. She muttered a few a few curses as I rubbed harder.

Then I took my hand out. She pouted. I kissed her pouting lips and carried her to my room. We finished what I started there.

I quickly unzipped the leather jacket she had on, leaving her in a tight see through shirt and this teasing ass thong. I ripped off the thong and shirt in one quick movement. She was fully naked with her legs dangling off the side of the bed. I got on my knees again and pulled her legs around my neck. I breathe in her fresh clean scent then went to feasting on her.

I slowly dipped my tongue down into her wet goodness. I curled up my tongue and tried to catch every drop of her that rained out. She started jerking back. She wouldn't stay in place so I grabbed her thighs and held her down. I sucked up more of her juices then went to her clit. I sucked on it like it was chocolate from my fingers. It was chocolate and it had a strawberry filling.