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"I read to you, nobility and citizens of Frencia, here on this day, the thirteenth of November, seventeen-hundred and twenty-four, the final words of our beloved late King Henri de Morreau, husband of Queen consort Claudine de Bleumont and Father of the Royal heir to the Frencian throne, His Royal Highness, Prince Callan de Morreau." Duke de Ville read to the crowds of Frencian nobles and citizens alike as they gathered around the Palais for the official announcement. Callan stood atop of the herald's balcony, listening anxiously for the Dukes next words.

The Duke pulled out a delicate piece of parchement, rolled up and sealed with the Royal crest. He cleared his throat as he unrolled it before the people, "I, Henri de Morreau, King of Frencia, declare that my son, Callan de Morreau shall take my place on the Frencian throne once I depart this world. I name the Royal chancellor to be His Grace, Jaques de Morterre, Duke de Palace Blanc. The coronation of my son shall double as a wedding to the noble bride of his choosing. If my son does not produce a legitimate male heir by the second year after his coronation, the throne shall belong to the Royal Chancellor. By the sun and the moon: I bless thee, people of Frencia, live with grace and dignity."

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