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song; Its u, Cavetown

----------- your pov -----------

It had been a few weeks since Ethan kissed me and I see Finn again in 2 days... I haven't told him yet, I don't know why he probably won't care anyway. WAIT what if he gets mad or if he thinks i'm into Ethan nonono!

Ethan why do you have to fuck everything up? UGH

I haven't spoke to Ethan since either, I'm trying to distance myself from the whole situation. I'm just thankful its summer break so I don't have to face to face with him daily. My train of thought gets cut short as my phone buzzes In my hand. Its Finn, he's trying to face time me. I hesitate as I've declined all his calls recently incase I say something wrong, I had decided to just text then proof read to stay safe. I let it ring for a few more seconds until I crack, hold the phone up to my face and answer.

"Hey! Y/n whats up!" He yells excitedly.

"H-Hi finn..I'm urm okay h-how are you?"

I'm really starting to panic for some unknown reason, it's not like I cheated on him. Were not even dating! But do we have something? No shut up y/n! You're just friends..

"Y/n are you sure you're okay?"

I frantically shake my head in response.

"No y/n you're not normally like this. What's going on is this why you haven't been picking up my calls?"

This time I slowly nod my head..

"You know you can trust me right?" He softly smiles.

"E-ethan. the day after I got home.."

"DID HE HURT YOU!?!" He cuts me off.

"NO oh god no Finn!  We were at lazer tag and he kissed me..."

"O-Oh are you two like a thing now then?"

"No Finn its not like that. Me and jasmine were trying to set him up with luna but it all back fired."

"Well did you kiss back?"

"God no! I pulled away as soon as I thought of y- but no I didn't. I pulled away and ran.

"Thought of who?"


My cheeks flush a crimson red as he shoots a smile of relief at me. I smile the same smile back at him and we change the subject.


-------------- Finn's pov ----------------

After about an hour 30 on FaceTime my mom called me out of the house as I had some sort of shoot today.

"Oh my god! I lost track of time! urm I have to go!"

"It's fine. go have fun without me!" She smiled.

God her smiles perfect.

"It won't be fun without you!" I smile back.

"You have a point.." She winks sarcastically.

"I'll see you in two days though!" I smile and wave.

"See you soon curls, bye!" She also waves as I hang up.

I put my charger in my bag then put my phone in my pocket before leaving my room and heading to the car.

"Someones happy.." My mom says from the front seat.

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