(27) I'll come running.

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Chapter 27- I'll come running.

The next day, Kyle and I made our way into school together, our hands linked. Kyle still couldn't quite seem to let me go, it was if I was going to fly away any second, but I loved him all the more for it.

Something felt a little weird today, but I couldn't quite put a finger on it. Many people passed us-as usual- but today, they seemed more attentive and more aware. It was hard to explain but extremely forthcoming.

Suddenly, the blonde girl I saw before in the library came bounding up to us. She was a ball of energy on legs.

"Hey guys," she greeted. "I told everyone about your project to help Mary. Most of the school is going to help," she beamed as she told us. I smiled.

"Really?" I asked, astonished. She nodded.

"Everyone's buzzing and it's like you're famous in this school now," I didn't know whether that sat well with me, but at this point I didn't care.

"Good job, blondie," Kyle replied. Blondie rolled her eyes.

"It's Briony!"

"Same thing," Kyle stated playfully.

"So what's going to happen now?" I asked out of the blue. Kyle wrapped an arm around my body.

"Well, you just do what you've got to do, and the rest of the school, including I," she laid a hand to her chest. "Will help you to raise as much money as you can. Nobody here has ever done something as great as this, something to help someone else, this school is just full of self centered people, people I walk past and think why can't I just stick a knife in your eye and never see you again? I hate people, but I don't hate you guys," she smiled cheekily, her eyes twinkling. I laughed and Kyle chuckled.

"Why thankyou," I replied playfully.

"I'm serious though, everyone's behind you. They may be self centered, but they're willing to help," she stated. Kyle nodded.

"That makes us happier than you can imagine," Kyle replied. I nodded.

"If you need any help, I'm here," Briony smiled. I knew just how bad she wanted to help, and I'm sure we will definitely need her soon. Kyle and I nodded in sync, and soon Briony was barreling away and making her way over to the double doors.

"Well," Kyle trailed off as he turned to face me. I laughed. She really was something, but I liked her. "I think we need to get things rolling, and quick,"

"Definitely," I nodded. "But we've got the school behind us now," I smiled and he smiled back.

And I definitely wasn't wrong. Later on in the school day, many people were giving out fliers, to an event we didn't even organise.

I felt a little overwhelmed, how people had suddenly found out, and even the people who didn't really know us, wanted to help us anyway. I didn't really expect this kind of support, and it was maddening really.

I think Kyle felt a little overwhelmed too. He stood there with a neautral face, looking at the posters on the wall. His body was tense, and I could see his eyes swimming with happiness.

I didn't know why this meant so much to us, but it did. We were using our love, to help someone else's. We were using our skills and our power together as a couple, to give the power back to Mary and Bill, who we seemed to love already.

"Wow," I breathed. Kyle didn't reply.

It was a school party, which would be held on the school field. It was apparently going to be the best party this school would ever have. You'd have to pay to get in, pay for drinks and it would all go to Mary. I was astonished.

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