Part 6

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(Note: i when i began this it was 6 years ago Jenny died. Its 7 years now but i still have to go by 6 for this story.)

Everyone ones mouths just hung open exempt Gibbs who already knew who she really was. After hearing her voice there was only one woman on the planet it could be. Jennifer Shepard ,The late ncis director. Jenny Shepard died six years ago.

"Who's L.J?" GIbbs asked.

"Where do we have to meet the kidnappers?" Asked Jenny trying to avoid the question for now.

"Stop, trying to avoid the question, Jen! Who is he?"

"Our five and half year old son! Now, are you going to take me to get our kids back or not?" Jenny barked in that director's tone of her's.

"I'm not handing you over to them!" GIbbs argued.

"The kids can live with out me, they will have you. Amanda has for eight years. L.J will take it just like you. He is a mini you. My life is a small price to pay for our kids. Don't you dare think for one moment that I am going to let you guys do all the work. This is all my fault. I'm going to fix this with or without you. It wasn't easy staying hidden for six years. I am not even sure how they found me. Put a bug on me and a tracker if you want to. We are trading them for me weather you like it or not, Agent Gibbs. I'll go alone if I have to. I'm not the Director anymore. You don't have to protect me anymore. But you do need to protect our kids." Jenny argued back still in her Directors tone, putting emphases on 'or'.

"No, Jennifer." Gibbs said something no one not even Jenny heard him say before. This meant he was more serious than ever.

"Jethro, weather you like it or not i am being traded for them. Unless you have a better idea?"Jenny paused for a moment." Of course you have a better idea. You do have a better idea, right?"

"Well, Jen, give me a moment. This is a lot to take in at once."

"We are running out of time! I need to know now, or I'm leaving and getting the kids back on my own!" Jenny got her arm out of Gibbs' hand grip.

"If your going, I am going too. Those are my kids too. I may not have had a privilege of being in their lives but I still have the responsible to help protect them as their father which I could have done a whole lot better job at if you have told me about them!"

"You were married to Stephanie! What was I suppose to do?! Show up at your house with Amanda in her carseat and say, "Hi, I'm Jenny Shepard. Before you and your husband got together we dated and he got me pregnant. This is our baby girl. I don't want to ruin your relationship with him but he should know!?"

"Stephanie and I didn't last long anyway! You would have saved us from a nasty divorce! You could have at least called! I missed 14 years of her life!"

"I was doing what I saw was best for my little baby girl! Oh and I take it I was suppose to tell you about L.J too?!"


"I didn't even know I was pregnant until after I faked my death! I couldn't tell anyone I was alive! Let alone the father that I love so dearly, the man I was trying to protect! It's not like you still have the same feelings for me!"

People were staring at Jenny and Gibbs with the loud arguing and fighting.

After Gibbs heard Jen confess like that. Did she really think he didn't still love her? He had to fix that.

"I do still love you, Jen." With that Gibbs pulled her into a long passionate kiss, not letting her leave his arms for anything. Jenny fought it at first but she gave in and kissed back. Jenny and Gibbs have deeply missed these kisses. Although, the team and Fornell was standing there watching them kiss like they did Europe all those years ago.

After about 60 seconds they pulled apart. Jenny was all smiles. She brushed her hair behind her ears with her hand. Gibbs was smirking more than he has ever in a long time.

"Dually noted, Jethro. Since we've had our makeup time can we please get the kids back?"

"Yes, we can. And yes, I do have a plan. It involves getting the kids back and me keeping you for the rest of my life."

"I like the sound of that plan. Why don't you share it with the class?"

Gibbs then told everyone the plan. Everyone agreed that it should work. With that they got back in their cars and did as Gibbs ordered them, Gibbs was to ride with Jenny. They only had one hour and twenty-nine minutes left to do what they needed to do and get there on time.

---done! Please feed back. I need to know if my story is worth trying to write more. I know I haven't updated in a while. I'm sorry about that. Please forgive me!---

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