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"So how long are we going to sit in this car, before we go inside?" Karmina asked, her feet propped up on my dashboard. 

"Let's see, 17 years maybe?" I said, trying to distract her with humor.

"Nope. Try again." She said, seeing through my attempt. 

"Why did I let you come with me?" I whined.

"Because you're smart. Let's go Finley. Now or never." She said, getting out of my car. 

I sighed heavily before following suit. 

Steph and Mitch weren't home when I got there, and it was relieving. I could settle in before having to tell them the truth. My truth.

"Your picture of this room didn't do it justice." Karmina said, astonished as she looked around.

I smiled at her as I started unpacking my things. She told me all about her life in college, and all the things she had done so far. As much as I wanted to say I was jealous of the college experience, I was happy with my choice. 

"So when is the next game?" Karmina asked. "And when do I get to meet this Will guy."

"Well, that all depends on how this goes tonight." 

"It will go fine. Now where can we get food, because I'm starving, and all this stress is making me want to eat an entire pizza." 

"We can get order from this chinese place. They don't have a website, but we have a menu and they deliver. I'll go grab the menu." I smiled at her.

I went out to the kitchen to grab the menu. I was digging through the junk drawer as the front door opened, and Mitch, Steph, and Auston walked in.

They all essentially stopped in their tracks as they saw me, shocked that I was back without saying anything.

"Hey Fin." Steph stepped forward cautiously, before taking me into a hug.

"Hey guys." I smiled shyly.

"Hello Fin's new family." Karmina said coming out of my bedroom. 

They all turned confused at the strange voice.

"I am her beautiful best friend Karmina. Steph, you are looking amazing." She said, walking over to hug Steph.

"Mina!" Steph squealed, hugging her back.

I stood there awkwardly while Karmina made her introductions.

"We need to talk. All of us." I said, shyly.

"I'm gonna go." Auston said, to Mitch.

"No, you're not. You need to hear this more than anyone." Karmina insisted.

They took a seat on the couch, and chair, but I was too anxious to sit. I need to stand, and move so I wouldn't lose my nerve.

"What's going on Fin. You leave out of nowhere for Christmas. you've been completely MIA on texts and social media. What the hell happened?" Mitch asked.

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