Chapter 12

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(Let's just pretend that Alex already gets his results and not has to wait more months😂)

Today is the day I'm going to get my results, I was really nervous cause I'm gonna find out if I'm able of playing football again. "Alex you ready" I heard perrie say. "Yes I'm coming" i walked to the car. We drove to the hospital and perrie could see I was nervous. I knew she wanted to say something she just didn't know what. The whole car ride we stayed quiet, but it wasn't an awkward silences it was more comfortable. We walked in the hospital and sat in the waiting room.
"Mr. Oxlade-chamberlain?" Our Docter called. We walked in his office and sat down. "I have you're results back" I got really nervous, perrie grabbed my hand real tight. "You still need to take it easy with you're leg, but you're leg looks totally fine after a couple of weeks you can play football again" "you're not kidding right" I said. "No Alex you've done great the test are positive, I can't find a reason why you can't play football again" "omg that's amazing" I looked at perrie who was smiling from ear to ear. "I got to go to another patient, have a good day." I gave The Docter a hand and perrie did the same he walked out the room. "Omg Alex" perrie said excited "you're allowed to play football again" and then it hit me. I picked perrie up and she giggled in my arms, I put her down. "I'm allowed to play football again" I smiled and kissed her.

We were at home and Alex was going to try to walk again without crutches cause the Docter says he can but if he has to walk far he better take the crutches with him. "Alright careful" I said as Alex stood up. He putted his crutches down and slowly stood on his leg. "Wow that's so weird" he said. "I can imagine that, alright try to walk." He started walking. "Does it hurt?" "No not at all it's just weird standing in my leg again." "Good" I said smiling. He walked over to me and he kissed me, I pulled him closer to me. We made out for what felt like ages until we heard some dogs bark. "What's wrong" I said walking over to them. I walked back to Alex. "What's wrong?" "Nothing they were just playing" "okay what are we gonna eat for dinner?" Alex said. "Mmm are we gonna cook ourselves?" "That was my idea" Alex said. "Okay pasta I think we still have that" I grabbed the pasta out the kitchen cupboard and have it to Alex. I walked to the dogs and gave them their food, as I walked back I heard that Alex had put some music on. The pasta was already cooking and I made the sauce. Alex grabbed me by my waist and he started dancing. I giggled and danced with him, We started singing and he spinned me around. After we ate the dinner we went walking the dogs, we took he long walk along the park. In the night the park was always really beautiful with fairy lights, Alex and I walked hand in hand as the dogs would just listen to us. "Perrie I was thinking of something" Alex said kinda nervous. "Yeah?" "Well these weeks I kinda lived with you" "cause I needed to take care of you and I didn't mind it" "no I know but I was thinking" he stopped walking, I faced him. "Do you want to live together?" "Omg yes, yes of course" I said excited. "Okay, okay let's do it then" Alex said smiling, I kissed him. We kissed for awhile and there were a couple of flashes but I didn't realize what they were. We stopped kissing and I grabbed his hand and we walked off. The dogs just sat on the ground next to us waiting until we would walk again.

We got back to the house and Alex was grabbing some wine to celebrate that we were going to live together, I opens Instagram and was blown away by all the messages, I looked and saw that fans were going crazy over pictures Of my and Alex making out at the park. Ohhh so that we're those flashes! I thought to myself, omg stupid me I laughed. I saw that there was also a video. Some fan must have filmed it. "Alex!" I called. He walked. To the living room. "Something wrong?" He asked, I gave him my phone. He started smiling. "Why are you smiling we should've been way more careful" I said but he cut me off. "There are a lot of fans who love us together, and they don't get that much of us together since the photos you posted of us kissing at the beginning of our relationship so don't stress now they have something" Alex said. "You're right" "of course I am" he said grinning. We watched a movie and in the middle of the movie I fell asleep, I woke up realizing Alex was carrying me upstairs. "Alex no you're leg" I said tired. "Its okay I'm fine" we got upstairs and he put me down. "I don't want you to do that as long as that leg isn't fully recovered, the Docter said you should watch out" I said sternly. "I'm you're boyfriend if you fall asleep I am obliged to carry you to bed" I understand I wasn't gonna win this so I just turned around and got changed, I changed into a shirt of Alex again but there just really comfortable. I saw through the mirror in the room Alex was staring. "You're starting" "it's cute" "it's creepy" I told him. I laid next to him in bed and noticed there was something on his mind. "Okay talk to me what's on you're mind" I said. "Thank you for being there for me" Alex said sweet. "Yes of course it's my job" he laughed. I kissed him. And suddenly he asked "do you want kids later?" I looked up weird. "Uhm yes I would love to have kids, why?" "No nothing just wanted to know we never really talked about that kind of stuff" Alex said. "What kinda stuff?" "You know how you want to get married, or proposed, if you want kids and how many" "I want a beautiful wedding with lots of fairy lights, I absolutely don't want to get proposed on stage or something cause I don't feel like that's the right way of doing it, I love it when other people do it but it's not for me. Yes I want kids, maybe 2 or 3." I said smiling at him. "Okay good to know" he said grinning I laughed. "Goodnight babygirl" He said as we cuddled up. "Goodnight squishy" and with that I fell asleep.

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