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"Guys, we are going to be late!" Jackson shouted at everyone in the living-room of their shared apartment.

"It's a carnival, Jackson. I don't think there is a set time we have to be there by," Mark rolled his eyes as he sat on the sofa next to Youngjae and tied his shoe laces.

"Yes, well, if we don't hurry then I won't get to go on all the rides," Jackson shrugged before looking around to see if everyone was ready, "Jinyoung, you haven't even go on your coat!"

Jinyoung sighed and rolled his eyes before grabbing it off the sofa beside him and pulling it over his shoulders, "happy?"

"Perfectly," Jackson grinned, "let's go, go, go!"

Everyone started to leave the apartment after Jackson; Youngjae and Mark being the last two. The carnival was only a short walk away from their apartment so there was no need for them to drive. "Mark," Youngjae mumbled quietly.

"Hmm?" Mark hummed in response, looking towards his friend who was staring down at the ground, "are you ok?"

"I don't like crowds," Youngjae stuttered, feeling a bit embarrassed to admit it. "Can I..." he trailed off.

"Can you?" Mark questioned.

"Hold your hand," he muttered, feeling his cheeks turn red.

"Of course," Mark smiled and held the slightly taller boys hand in his own.

"Thank you," Youngjae smiled back before letting his gaze fall back to the floor.

After only a few more minutes of walking, Mark and Youngjae's ears were filled with the sound of some corny pop music, children's happy shrieks and the screams of people on rides. Youngjae felt himself tense up due to his anxiety increasing and his heart rate seemed to speed up. Mark sensed this and squeezed Youngjae's hand for reassurance. Youngjae looked back to Mark and Mark flashed him a sweet smile before telling him, "it's going to be ok."

Youngjae gave him a small smile in response and nodded before taking a deep breath. "I'm fine," he mumbled to himself, incoherent to everybody else.


All seven boys had been at the carnival for at least 3 hours now. Mark and Youngjae had barely stopped holding hands the whole time and neither of them wanted to. Youngjae clutched a soft, white teddy bear that Mark had won for him in his right hand and he couldn't help but smile at it. "You ready to go home?" Mark asked Youngjae once they had moved to a quieter part of the carnival.

"Ok," Youngjae nodded, "are the others coming?"

"Jaebum and Jinyoung already left and Jackson, Yugyeom and BamBam appear to be riding the dumper cars," Mark chuckled.

"Alright," Youngjae smiled before Mark started to lead him away from the noisy atmosphere. As soon as they were on the quiet, dark streets Mark decided to let go of Youngjae's hand, not because he wanted to but because they were away from all the strangers and crowds now so Youngjae would probably want him too. However, to Mark's surprise, Youngjae only held onto his hand tighter.

Mark raised an eyebrow and smirked slightly but didn't say anything. "I'm uh...scared of the dark?" Youngjae tried with a shrug.

"Uh huh, sure," Mark chuckled, "you know, I get the feeling you just want to hold my hand."

"W-what?" Youngjae's eyes widened in surprise, "! Well, I mean yes, but no, I didn't...I don't...I just..." Youngjae started to stutter nervously before Mark started laughing.

"So you don't want to hold my hand?" Mark questioned in a jokey tone and dropped Youngjae's hand.

"No, I do, I do!" Youngjae assured him and grabbed Mark's hand again.

"You're adorable," Mark smiled, accepting Youngjae's hand. They were only around the corner from their apartment now.

"I-I'm not," Youngjae blushed as bright as the red ribbon that was around his teddy bears neck.

"Whatever you say," Mark shrugged as they reached their apartment block, "by the way, you can hold my hand whenever you would like," he said before unlocking their apartment door to reveal Jinyoung and Jaebum sitting on the living room sofa.

"Thanks," Youngjae smiled before finally dropping Mark's hand.

"Aw, handholding, how sweet," Jaebum noted sarcastically as he saw the two boys. Youngjae hid his face behind his teddy bear and Mark laughed. "How was the carnival?"

"You went, didn't you?" Mark questioned.

"Yeah, for two minutes," Jinyoung answered, "so Jackson couldn't complain."

"Oh, well it was pretty fun actually," Mark told them.

"Lot's of crowds," Youngjae mumbled under his breath.

"Yeah, them too," Mark nodded, "but that's ok because I got to hold your hand."

Youngjae smiled. "This is gross," Jinyoung stated, "go and be sickly sweet somewhere else."

"Fine, Youngjae, would you like to watch a film with me?" Mark questioned and Youngjae nodded his head eagerly in response before Mark offered him his hand again and they walked off to Mark's bedroom.

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