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The 'toot' of the train coming to a stop was still one of the loudest sounds Harry had ever heard in his life. Not even his Aunt Petunia's loud, obnoxious screaming, could even come close to matching how ear peircing the train was. He grunted, along with Hermione and Ron, who sat in the seats next and in front of him as usual. They each held their ears and winced as the train slowed to a stop, the loud screach of the metal tires scraping against the tracks was the worst noise they had ever heard.

"Bloody hell. When I grow up, I'm outlawing trains as proper transportation." He sounded so irritated and sure of himself that Harry and Hermione could only agree.

They were already dressed in their robes and were gathering their things from the compartments above their heads. Students were already making their way down the hallway and out of the train, in a hurry to get off.

First years were obvious to find, being much smaller then everyone else. It was hard to believe that Harry, Ron and Hermione were ever that small. Looking at the freshman now that they are all seventeen, they couldn't believe that time passed by so quickly. It was odd thinking that they too were once so small, that they too were once the first years, with the upper class men likely looking at them with the same odd feeling.

They gathered their things and opened the door leading out to the flurry of students making their way out. One student stopped to allow them to join the traffic, and the trio thanked the unfamiliar freshman as they made their way into the line.

Harry was excited, overjoyed even, to be back at Hogwarts. It was here, and in Ron's home, that he felt the most like he belonged. He belonged no where else. He smiled peacefully up at the early afternoon sky, loving the familiarity the smell of oak and leaves braught. If magic had a special smell, it would be Hogwarts.

"Welcome back everyone!" Hagrid smiled as the people who worked on the train unloaded the rest of their luggage. "And welcome to Hogwarts you first years." He greated everyone with a kind smile on his face, the same smile that he used to make Harry trust him when they first met. Despite the way Hagrid appeared with his size and bumbish attire, nobody could think ill of Hagrid charictor with such a truely honest smile like that.

Except Malfoy of course.

The platinum blonde Slytherin idiot had a cheeky smile on his face as he stared at the trio. His face showed his usual arrogant satisfaction and a threatening promise of something horrible.

Harry rolled his eyes and ignored the bully, Hermione and Ron doing the same. But they wondered what 'terrible thing' Malfoy was planning to do.

It's not that Harry hated him persay; strongly dislike and loath his behavior, is more what Harry felt in regards to the pureblood. He may be a bully and may have a father that works for Voldemort, but Draco himself wasn't all bad. Misguided and an arsehole, absolutely; he was nasty towards people, and sadistic in nature. But Harry could always tell Malfoy was unsure of himself when performing truely evil deeds, he always looked like he was struggling with an internal battle, influenced completely by his horrible father but remembering what kindness was deep in his soul.

No, Harry didn't hate him.

But that doesn't mean he wouldn't beat his arse to a pulp if he had a chance.

"It is my hope that this year will be just as grand as the ones before it, if you all will come this way, we will meet Ms. McGonagall in the main entrance, and the freshman will be sorted into their houses." Hagrid waved everyone to fallow, and they did, the upperclassmen leaving their carryonbags with the luggage to be taken to their normal rooms, along with their pets.

The freshman stood in a line while the people already sorted sat down in their normal sections. Hermione, Ron and Harry sat together near the rest of their friends as normal, Neville next to Hermione.

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