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[one ~ synopsis]


Summer. definition: a short few months of freedom, fun and foolishness. A time to meet up with friends for barbecues, picnics and buffets - sipping sophisticated cocktails at bars during the day and then getting wasted at parties during the night. A period full of road trips, beach visits and shopping sprees - gossiping with friends, flirting with boys and parting with cash.

Summer. revised definition: an endless few months of boundaries, boredom and behaving. A long spell of being trapped in a small town where bars, shops and restaurants are few and far between. Your own friends are having fun without you, your boyfriend is undoubtedly flirting with your best friend and your social status is now non-existent.

London-born Rosalie has the perfect life: she's exceedingly rich, stunningly beautiful and has a seemingly ideal match as a boyfriend. But when her mum's work means that she has to spend the summer in a remote American coastal town, Rosalie's perfect life doesn't seem quite so perfect anymore. Far away from her hometown of Kensington, she struggles to maintain her superficial friendships, battles with her deteriorating relationship, and fights against her mother's unfair demands. On top of that, her one place of escapism - the beach - is tarnished by the presence of Brent, a rude but undeniably handsome lifeguard.

With clashing personalities and contrasting beliefs, Rosalie and Brent couldn't be more different, but their mutual love of the beach forces them together. As sparks begin to fly and electricity starts to flow, the socialite and the lifeguard find themselves embarking on a journey of self discovery.

Brent might be an expert at rescuing troubled swimmers, but whilst they both drown in their own problems, and struggle to get to the surface of each other's issues, just who will end up rescuing who?


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