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Part 12-

~Few weeks later~

You and Demi have been on a good few dates, you have gotten to know her probably and not the beautiful lady on TV. She's told you bits about her life, which you know about because you have done you're research and not because you's are now mates/girlfriends, but because you are a Lovatic deep down but you didn't wanna tell her that, nor that you have met her before hand which she not going to remember because she sees that many people In a day, you'll be the last thing In her mind! you got to fall in love with her as the days gone by. You thought you knew what love was when you dated you're ex for over 3 years.

~Flash back~

John walked out of his job because his boss treated him like crap or something along them lines, you thought more into the story than this lame shit that was coming out of his mouth. You didn't believe his story, but you let it slip. After him not having a job over 9 months just sat playing stupid games on that xbox and smoking weed all day and night, you told him right up if he wanted to stay at your house he'll have to go find work! After along shift you come work to the house a mess shit all over, all the lights on in the house everything. John comes walking over to you with his beautiful smile that he had.

John; " hey baby gyal! How was work?" He said hugging you

You; " hi. Umm ok I guess? I'm so tired though" You start walking away to go to bed.

John;" boo, I'm going working away for a few weeks, with my mate is that okay?" Following you to the bedroom

You;" yeah that's brilliant glad you finally get a bit of work in babe, I'm happy for you." You say giving him a cute smile.

John;" I know I can't wait. I have to go tomorrow meeting him at his house at 9"

You; "that's fine. I'm going to be sleeping at Jenny's house then, you know I hate being alone in a house after last time" you said with tears in your eyes.

John; "ok. Let's get some sleep night princess"

You went and stayed at Jenny's house whilst john worked away, but you didn't bring enough clothes and all the other was in the washer or dying out, so after your shift you went back to your place to pick up a few more things. You pulled up outside and you see the bathroom light on (it's a back to front house, if you know what I mean) you thought to yourself you most of left it on you opened the door turning the living room light on and walking up to your room you heard breathing coming from the other side of the bedroom door you quickly open it turned the light on and there you see it.......

John led on his back naked with this gyal that looked like a hooker ontop of him, yes the was fucking right infront of you. John looked up saw you, but told the gyal to carry on cus he was close to cumming. You didn't say nothing you stood there in shocked I'm what you just heard and saw. The gyal looks over to you, with an evil look and starts fucking him hard. You had a enough of seeing this you pull the gurl off him and punch her in her face and started kneeing her. You threw her out your house naked and locked the door ran back upstart to John, he's still led on the bed telling you to fuck him. You felt sick, but you acted on it with him. You walked over to him all sexy you sat on him, you grabbed his dick and pulled so hard on it, you saw the sick look on his face. You slightly lifted off him and pressed your knee into his parts he was screaming in pain, you got yourself off him and told him to leave and give you the key. With that he left and you never saw him again.

~ end of flash back~

Night you thought of doing Demi a nice candle lot dinner, she wasn't feeling her. She's been feeling low. Once you walked in on her with the blade in her hand and it's pressed against her skin, you think she's doing to much work, new album coming out soon, singles left right and centre. All the touring she's doing, she's just not got time for herself no more, you're starting to worry about her. Demi's moms rang you a few time about how she's locking herself in her room and not eating, drinking or talking to no one since she's landed back home she's not even texted or called me which is weird for her. So thought this would be perfect to get her smiling again! Or at least try anyways!

Convo with you&mads

You;" hi mads, I'm wondering how Demi is today?? And I have a big job for you!😜"

Mads;" oh lord what you want?😂 she is okay still not eating 😔 but she let me sleep in her room with her. So manage to look after her!"

You;" hahaha you know me to well, it's just I want Demi to have that perfect smile on her face again. So I'm planning a candle lit dinner for the two of us 🙈 but... I want you to try bring her here without her seeing or knowing, you got it little one?😉" (you laugh to yourself because you know mads hates when you call her that!)

Mads;" yes I'll ask rob or dad to try driving us to yours.. And she won't see duh I'll put something over her eyes! OMG Y/N IM NOT LITTLE. Goodbye✌️"

You;" omg thank you Maddie 😘😘 this why I love you! Haha. I'm messing with you. Yeah bye, see you soon! Bring her around about half 6ish?"

Mads;" yes dad going to drive us yours. That's fine bye 😛"


I know what Demi is going through and I feel so helpless that she hasn't come nowhere near me after all this touring. I know something wasn't right before she leave but she made me believe she was perfectly fine! I feel a bad person for not asking more questions but I felt like I was going to get her mad if so. But I'm just glad she's at home, I know she's not the Demi I know but at least I know she's safe with her family. I've texted and called her at least over 200 times but I got nothing back, it's hurting me not being able to see her beautiful face, cuddle her, kiss them kissable lips. I really am starting to go crazy I've never been like this in my whole life about a person. So I thought it would be an amazing idea to set the candle lit dinner for the two of us tonight, with of course cooking her fave meal that she can never turn down.
So hopeful night will go down has planned thanks to mads, I'm going to keep thank her for this because we all know dems will come around after this, open up to me and she'll be fine again. I just need to finish the pasta off before having a shower got so much to do before hand! It's 2o'clock already. I quickly did all the washing up, and cleaning downstairs before making my way upstairs to the bedroom, to tidy up a little because more than likely Demi will be staying over and she always complains how a mess my room is but I just can never be arse, half the time I'm might at well live at work! I throw my phone on the bed, and going into the shower after I've wash my body and my hair. I put my best skinny on, which a dark purple, with my white plain jump. I left my hair to dry itself because Demi loves it natural.

I look over at my phone and I see it lighting up, so I look over and it's a text off Demi! Omgomg!!!! I'm so happy she texted me.🙈

It said...

Dems;" hi Y/N I'm sorry I've been blanking you. Just I'm having a deep ride atm, but would you like to meet up tonight?? And just always remember I'm still loving you, nothing as changed. I miss you.. 😔💕"

You quickly reply saying

You;" hey! Yes I know you don't have to explain I know it all. I would love to but I've got a dinner date tonight I'm sorry 😁"

You knew that was going to kill her but you didn't want to give away what you had plan. You hated lying to her and keeping stuff away from her but you didn't want her knowing because at least she'll be shocked later on today.

Demi;"ohh sorry. Hope she's treating you right, I'll let you go, goodbye"

Ohhhhhh nooooo!!!!! Drama drama or shall we do it cute!?!?

I'm sorry it took me so long to write turns out I wasn't free after all ugh. But heyyyy ho it's up😁

Hope you're enjoying reading.

I know it isn't that long but meh I'm getting to tired to carry on!

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I Love you all


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