Chapter One

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I've always been the odd one out. Well, not always. I think it started after we moved from Seattle, to Ohio. I now live somewhere close to Columbus. Yeah, it's about as great as it sounds. I could be off a lot worse, I know that but it's just.. Seattle and I were made for each other. The city was built for me. I knew all the cool places to hang with my friends and I was never bored. Even school was nice. I had quite a few friends and there were also less close people who were really cool. But here, I have no one. 
Well, that's not actually true. I have 2 friends. They have lived in Columbus since they were born and they've been best friends since kindergarten. I love them, and I'm thankful for the fact that they let me invade their friendship, but I just can't tell them everything. It doesn't feel safe. It's just weird for me. 
They, Zoey and Audrey, share everything. With each other at least. They love each other to death but also fight a lot. And when that happens, I'm always the one who has to hear them rant about each other... But I shouldn't complain because without them, I wouldn't have anybody. Still I feel like I can’t tell them my secrets or other personal things. I just have to keep things to myself or tell them my best friends who still live up in Seattle, Paige, Olivia and Scott, but texting or video chatting just isn’t the same.
I miss Seattle. When I was 13, my parents told me we were going to move. My mom was able to get a job here and my dad works at the post office and miraculously he could get transferred to Columbus. So for my parents the choice was easy. They could really use the money and they wanted to create an adventure for my little brother Ben and me. Ben was excited from the beginning. He is super social and has tons of friends, he told us he was going to miss them but he'd love to make new ones in Columbus. I'm happy for my parents and brother but I wish I never had to leave Seatt-
"JENNA!?!" I heard my mom yell from the kitchen, brutally disturbing my mind speaking to itself. "What's up mom?" I yelled back to let her know I had heard her. "What do you want for dinner? You'll have to eat by yourself," I heard her coming up the stairs, yelling slightly less loud now. "Your dad will be home from work late and if we all eat together you'll be late for basketball practice." Oh shoot. Totally forgot about that, basketball. I wasn't really hungry but I know my mom doesn't appreciate it when I don't eat. "Uhm I'm not sure. Is there any lasagna left from yesterday? You could heat that for me if you want to?"
I would've done it myself but I realized I also had to pack my stuff for training. "Okay," mom said, "I'll put it in the microwave. I'm going to walk the dog for now, sorry if I'm not back before you leave. Have fun honey." "Thanks, mom." I smiled at her and I quickly went to the bathroom to do my hair. 
10 minutes later I had changed into some sweatpants and a sweater. I walked into the kitchen when the microwave started beeping. "Whoa shit" I said, a little shocked by the loud noise. "Our old microwave was not that loud..." I turned around to wash my hands and get the oven mitts when I realized I was talking to myself, again. I really need to stop doing that. Maybe it's just that I feel so lonely these days. Anyways, time for this lasagna to get eaten. 
After eating half of the lasagna I grabbed my bike and went to practice. 20 minutes later I arrived. This was going to be my fifth training in the new team. I just turned 18 so I was transferred to a new team. My entire team got split up. I had some cool people on my old team but also some total bitches, like Katy. Too bad she and I were the only ones who got transferred to this team. I didn't really know the other girls yet, but since Katy was the only one I knew, I was kind of forced to talk to my new team mates. They all are way better at basketballing than I am, but this is the first time for me to be on a better team. There’s only one team that plays in a more difficult competition, and twice a month my team trains with that team. Being on this team is just something I have to get used to and I think I'll just have to work hard to stay on the team. 
"Nice shot Jenna!" A girl complimented me, I tried my hardest to come up with her name. "Thanks Hayley" I answered a second later, feeling a shy blush creep up my cheeks. She smiled and I passed the ball. Then I turned around and continued playing, wondering why I'd have to be so socially awkward. 
About sixty minutes and a shower later I was on my way home, more tired than ever before. During the bicycle ride home I revised my training. It was good, and most girls on the team seemed nice. Maybe I could get used to it. 
After coming home I drank some ice tea, talked to mom and dad about training and went straight to bed, forcing myself to sleep so there was a slight chance I was able to get through the next day.  

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