but he promised

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'In my blood' killed me guys *

(Y/n pov)

"Y/d/n just let me read you a story tonight please" i begged my 3 year old daughter "no i dont want you mummy, i want daddy " i signed knowing shawn had promised her he would read her a bed time story "sweetie daddy wont be home till tomorrow soo how about i read you a bed time story and i will get daddy to read one tomorrow" she pulled a face "NOOOO" she screamed.

"Right how about i read you a story and tomorrow night you can stay up late and watch a film with popcorn" i convinced her "yes thankyou mummy can we read '3 little pigs". I nodded and grabbed the book of the book shelf and begain to read " there once lived 3 pig " i read all the way to then end until i saw she was fast a sleep.

I put the book back on the book shelf and kissed her lightly on the cheek. I go down stairs and tidy up the mess y/d/n made and sat on the sofa my eylids began to get heavier and heavier until the door is slammed shut. I hear shawn walk into the room "hey baby girl "he wraps his arms around me and i yanked his arms away. He gave me a confused look "you promised her shawn i had to make a deal with our 3 year old daughter just because you promised her something" i looked him in the eye and saw tears were comming out.

"Baby im sorry i really am what if she hates me" he looked down i couldnt take it anymore a went up to him and pressed my lips agais his "shawn she will never hate you see loves you too much, come on lets go to sleep and we can spend the day together tomorrow"

Next day

Me and shawn was making breakfast while y/d/n came down she smiled and sat down "morning mommy,daddy"shawns grin went even higher"morning sweetie listen im really really sorry that i couldnt be with you to read you your bed time story soo me and mummy have decided we should goo out anywhere you want to" she noddes "i love you daddy but promise you wont just leave us "

"I promise"shawn says "soo where do you want to go today babygirl" i said to y/d/n "can we go for a picnic in the park" she asked "ofc" i begain plating breakfast up when shawns phone went of. Shawn answered it  by the look on his face i knew what he was going to say "im really really sorry but i have to go to work so i wont be able to come" i signed and looked at y/d/n she was crying

"I hate you daddy, you promise me things you cant keep like my freinds there daddy actually spends time with them and takes them out but your different i wish you wasnt even my daddy because i hate you" she screamed "you dont mean that honey" i said to her

"Yes i do " that when i saw shawn run upstair, i walked up after him. I walked to our bedroom to see the lamp smashed "baby she dosnt love me anymore , she dosnt even want me as her dad" shawn had tears streaming down his face "listen shawn she is just angry she loves you i promise " he put his face into his hand

I walked back down stairs "y/d/n you have upset daddy now hes crying " her faced turned hurt "but mummy i love him im just angry"she says "how about you go take daddy his breakfast and apologize " she nods i grab the tray of breakfast and help her carry it upsatairs.

I waited in the doorway while she went in "daddy im really sorry i love you really and im glad your my daddy soo please forgive me and here is you breakfast" he grabbed the tray and pick her up "darling i love you to im sorry that i have to work i need to spend more time with you and i forgive you if you forgiven me" and he plants a small kiss on her forehead  "i forgive you to daddy" she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

He puts her down a grabs his phone and rings someone "hi sorry andrew im not coming today  i need to be with my daughter and my wife im sorry" and with that he hung up i walked and and hugged and kissed him "i love you "

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