The Hunt

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Scoping out the bleeder den who's alias is a club called Spades last night ended up being a dud. There was no information that would lead us to the discovery of Renier. It sickened me to think of my son in that cestpool of immorality. The abundance of wrong-doings that occured in that building while we were there searching for my son shocked me to my core. It worries me to think of what danger he could be in after interacting with that crowd, or what he could be doing to someone else due to the many triggers.

My demon Pain would thrive in that environment, all of our demons would. The humans in there are chasing what we all are trying to escape.

In part, I feel responsible for Renier's disappearance. Danika had been claiming that he needed me in his life, for awhile now, yet I disregarded her words of concern. And here we are now, my son has been harming himself- that news, however unfavorable, wasn't entirely shocking due to his genetics- and is missing because his cousin brought him to a bleeder den/club to help him loosen up. I am trying not to be angry with Urban because his intentions were good, yet however we wouldn't be in this in this situation if he hadn't brought my son there.

"Reyes," a voice said behind me. I turned around to find who the voice belonged to and stared into the mismatched eyes and scarred face of Lucien. "Torin says he found some leads and would like to have a meeting with everyone who manned the mission to investigate Spades, you are the last person we need to continue."

I nodded and followed Lucien, not sure what to say. I hope the news Torin has is good, but once he starts looking you never know what things he may find. Entering Torin's room, Keeley is sitting in his lap, while Paris, Aeron, and Urban, who joined us on the hunt, surrounded the Keeper of Disease, waiting on Lucien and myself.

As soon as we entered, Torin began. "Now that everyone is here, we can begin," he cleared his throat. "I think I may have found a lead of Ren's location. It isn't spectacular, but we got a sighting. The footage I've retrieved is of him entering a coffee shop with a young woman." Torin and Keeley, both turned in his chair and he began fiddling with his many computers, without offering much insight into what he was doing, yet we all guessed he was going to show us the surveillance.

Soon after, a video began playing on one of the screens clearly depicting a young man and woman walking down a road, towards the coffee shop. They were laughing, however the boy seemed slightly more reserved than the girl. The footage moved fast since Torin was fast forwarding it. Just before the couple entered the coffee shop I caught a clear view of the boy's face and instantly recognized him as my son. "'Okay? And where did they go from there?" I pressured Torin for more information.

"Well, that's the funny thing. The footage shows them enter the building, but never leaving," Torin responding, allowing the dramatic curtain to fall, leaving all of us with a dreaded cliff hanger, especially when my son's life could be at stake.

Before I could reply, Paris stole the spotlight, "So, let's check the footage inside of the coffee shop, see if maybe they left from another entrance?"

"I would, but there is no other surveillance feed for that building on the inside. And every other building's surveillance footage I've tapped into shows the same results. They went in and never came out," Torin replied.

A blanket of worry and curiosity weighed down the entire room and suffocated me. "So, what does that mean?"

Torin green eyes met mine as he weighed out his words. "Well, it could be one of two things. One, being that the tape of not just the coffee shop but the buildings around the area were all looped. Or-"

The Keeper of Disease tried to finish his statement, but was abruptly cut off by a surprisingly concerned Aeron. "Or, he is still in there."

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