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Title: Tosses

(m/n)-Male Name
(l/n)-Last Name
(e/c)-Eye Color
(h/c)-Hair Color

Normal POV

The sound of whistling echoed around the tall boy with the (h/c) hair and the cocky personality. (m/n) was...what we'll call a rebel. He had (e/c) eyes that seemed lifeless, a tongue piercing and many more on his ears.

Even if he looks weird and scary outside, he has a kind and sweet, heart. He used to play volleyball a year ago. That's right. Used to. He couldn't stand that Asahi-san was taking all the blame, so (m/n) blamed his own self for losing.

Asahi and everyone was speechless. (m/n) called himself useless, not good for the team and nothing else than a boring and worthless Wing Spiker. He thought it was better to leave and never come back because he was holding the team down.

They all tried to stop him. Nishinoya was slightly crying and yelling at him, Sugawara tried getting in front of him, but nothing helped. The boy left and it had been a while since he had gone to the practice.

(m/n) was pulled out of his thoughts, when a volleyball went to hit him right on the head -as he walked outside the gym. With the corner of his eye he saw the ball, and before it could hit him, he caught it with his hand, casually, like it was normal.

"I-I'm sorry!" a small orange haired boy yelled and bowed to the taller male, who still had the ball. He looked at the ball and then the short boy, a sigh escaping his lips. Without another word, he walked into the gym, making everyone go silent.

"Who tossed to him?" he asked in a deep voice referring to Hinata, making the five males' eyes go wide. Kageyama lifted his hand, unsure if he should, at first. "Toss me like that," he whispered, but Kageyama heard him loud and clear, making his eyes go wide.

"(l-l/n)-san--" Azumane was cut of by a glare from the boy. He stayed silent, as everyone watched Kageyama do his...King toss.

He threw the ball somewhere in the air, not even noticing that (m/n) had already taken off his jacket, running to the ball. He smirked and jumped, his hand going straight to the ball, making it go to the other side of the net.

The infamous King Toss had finally been spiked, perfectly.

Hinata's and Kageyama's eyes went wide as their jaws dropped, watching the (e/c) eyes shining with a bit of happiness. "Why am I not surprised?" Tanaka asked and looked around, noticing Sawamura nod and Suga to blush and do the same.

"H-how did you spike that?! It was like 'Pow' and 'Woah'!" Hinata yelled and literally dragged (m/n) with him. (m/n) let another chuckle escape his lips as he brushed a hand through his (h/c) hair.

"I...learnt from an old and...not so experienced setter, a long time ago," he said, slightly his mind going back at the First Year in Karasuno, when Suga tried a few weird and failed tosses. He slightly smiled and stood up. "I...should go," he muttered and start going to the door.

"(l/n)-senpai! What if you--"

"No. I don't belong here." (m/n) cut Hinata off, while walking out of the gym and disappearing into the distance.

"What's wrong with him? Did I do something?" Hinata asked and looked at Suga, who almost teared up, turning to the side and going outside, too.

Sugawara POV

I walked outside, ignoring Hinata's screams about 'why is everyone leaving him' and something like that. I just...wanted to see (m/n) spike like that, again. The way he smirked and glared at the opponents when every single one of his spikes was a point to us was...amazing.

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