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Life starts with a blank canvas

Throughout your childhood,

there will be splatters of paint 

covering the blank surface of your canvas 

starts small, 

more and more paint continues on

your first coat of paint is colorful because all you is the good in people while you're an infant 

the years continue on,

you're a teenager now

there might be some dark patches on you're canvas but that's okay

everyone goes through things,

it maybe serious to some people 

you have some great moments throughout your high school years 

which will cover up those dark patches.

you're at the stage of finding yourself,

your interest,

your desire,

your passion,

your canvas is painting,

it's becoming beautiful

you know how you want to life your life,

continue painting,

make good decisions,

your canvas will be full of your life story

your simple painting, 

will become a masterpiece. 

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