Chapter 10

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After 2 years.


It has been 2 years since Mahiru and Licht,so-called 'Died',and their 'Bodies' have 'Never been found'.

  Kuro and Hyde mourned,because they couldn't give their Favourite Eves,and mates,a proper burial and funeral.

  And it has been two years,since Hiru and Jekyll were Born.

  They have bonded,and laughed,and befriended all of the subclasses Tsubaki had. Sakuya was really happy,that he managed to save his Friends from their Killers.

  The Sloth that killed Lazily,but with Precision.

  Most of the times,he doesn't even have to manipulate people to think that he wasn't the killer, because there weren't enough evidence leading to him that he was the murderer.

  The Greed that killed hastily,without precision, and searches for new Eves,just for his greedy personality.

  However,he uses his manipulating skills to get away with murder. Oh and,maybe his wealth too.

  The Servamps -Excluding the Eves- ,know that the two kill their Eves once they get tired of them,and they were as guilty as them for not reporting or speaking up to the devastated families.

However, Sleepy Ash and Lawless are part of their family too,so they can't report it,because they'll also grieve.

  Talk about being selfish.

And the two have been getting over their past Eves' deaths. So far,it's going okay. They're getting over the fact that they're 'Dead'.

  And it was about this time that Hugh arrived back to the mansion.

  Yes,he was actually in the mansion,but that was before the Servamps met their Eves -Excluding Freyja-.

  And when he protested on Sleepy Ash- No wait, Kuro, on going to the Omega's city where he found Mahiru,but..

  ..Well,let's just say that he went on a vacation.

  He was saddened by the news,and comforted Kuro and Hyde of their Eves' deaths,even though he knows that they actually kill their own Eves.

It was already 2 years after their Eves' deaths,and they had to move on,and get another Eve.

That is exactly what Hyde and Kuro will be doing today,whether by force or by will,it does not matter to the fact that they do not have an Omega partner, or an Eve.

And are they looking forward to it at all?

The answer is:


Not at all.

With Hiru and Jekyll.

Hiru and Jekyll,the new members to the family of Subclasses that was formed by the youngest and last member of the Servamps,who ran away from the 'horrendous' mansion,Tsubaki!

Hiru and Jekyll have blended in with the subclasses so much,that at this point,you would've thought that they weren't new to the crew,and have been there for at least 10 years.

All of Tsubaki's subclasses,even the colder ones, have warmed up to them,and treated them as their own kind.

Even if Hiru and Jekyll knew that they weren't exactly part of them,because they were Half while the rest were Full-Subclasses,they didn't care.

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