Daisy's Destruction

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"Child pornography is prevalent in the dark web as much as regular porn on the surface web. However, this next case takes a bit too far. There's a snuff film of a little girl who was sexually abused and tortured. The video was widely distributed amongst pedophiles on the dark web and the larger internet community got a hold of it on popular websites like 4Chan and Reddit.

The video was made by an Australian douche bag i.e. Peter Scully and was arrested in the Philippines on the charge of making multiple child abuse videos''

In case you heard about 'Daisy's Destruction' but you don't know what it's about, let me tell you more of what happened in that video (the informations I will give you are from the internet, from people who maybe investigated this case or people who actually saw it), Daisy is a 3 years old kid, who is sexually assaulted by a masked man (Peter Scully, who is now in prison with probably life penalty for the horrible things he did) and a naked woman (who was Peter's girlfriend). They've beaten her and tortured her. The police found the little girl, but probably she will live forever with traumas.

The video was originally posted on NLF (No Limits Fun), which was Scully's site from the Dark Web, where people uploaded different videos, most likely "hurt core" videos, to entertain their sick minds. (only imagine, if that video was on the site, what other horrible could've been found on there).

The video wasn't only posted on that douche bag's site. It was posted on Lux's site (a 21/22 years old guy, who started two pedophiles sites on the Dark Web. He was arrested 2 years ago and confessed everything, with a 15 years sentence on his back.) Hurt2TheCore, and probably was posted on the other one as well.

Hurt core sites are the sites where sick bastards upload pornography with children, but to a whole new level. Where they hurt them so badly and even kill them. For most pedophiles, those sites are something they wouldn't watch. There are two types of pedophiles - the one that only have strange desires with kids and commit the act, and the ones that are so mentally ill they have to beat the kids, hurt them until they bleed.. And I guess you understand.


So, I'm not telling you about this to try to find it on the dark web. Just don't. The Australian police declared it was one of the worst things they could ever saw. I'm not disagreeing, they're right. Only by reading what happened to the poor little Daisy gives me creeps. Nightmares. Bad vibes. Because I can't process how someone can hurt a little child so badly?


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