Chapter Nineteen - Tragedies Never End Well.

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My stomach dropped, I hadn't wanted this to happen, I hadn't wanted my decision to cause Seb so much heartache in his hard earned career.

"She said what?" I replied in disbelief. "Is she really that unprofessional?"

Sebastian shrugged. "She hasn't always been. Once upon a time she was even kind of nice."

I frowned, the woman I'd seen in the office earlier definitely had not been 'nice'.

"Sebastian, If you need my book to keep your job, then it's yours. I don't want to tour, I don't want to go to some convention... I want to go home and find my Mom."

"Em, I don't care about my job." Sebastian retorted. His voice betrayed his words though, I could hear the shaking in his throat, the fear he held deep seated inside of himself. Being an editor and finding the so called diamonds that wench he called a boss had waxed lyrical about was his dream.

"We both know that isn't true." I replied. "I'm going home... alone, and you're going to do whatever you need to in order to keep this job that you love."

"I love you more." Sebastian spoke with a frog in his throat, like he was afraid we were ending before we'd really had a chance to begin. I hated seeing him hurt so I kissed him gently, for a moment we forgot the world and fell into the magic of the kiss. Finally we pulled apart.

"We will make this work." I murmured. "Somehow. This isn't the end, We've barely begun..."

Sebastian's body slackened against the chair and he let out a sigh. "I thought I'd have you here longer than a couple of days."

"Me too." I admitted.

"But your Mom needs you."

I nodded. "She does."

We called Sebastian's parents, who confirmed that Mom had not returned home. Suddenly getting back home was more important and vital than ever. The anxiety of not knowing if she was okay was really playing on my mind.

Luckily, there was a bus heading home that night. So after Sebastian and I ate a pizza that should have put us in carb heaven only made us sad and bloated, he took me to the bus stop.

We sat in his car, staring at the bus parked in the station.

"Will you call me when you get in?" Sebastian murmured.

"Of course."

Sebastian pulled his keys out of the ignition and removed his seatbelt. "I guess we'd better head over."

I nodded and followed suit.

Sebastian wheeled my suitcase across the carpark, a was a few steps ahead, which I was kind of thankful for, considering I was already a blithering mess. I tried to stem the flow of tears with the sleeve of my hoodie, but as soon as one was gone another would follow. Finally he stopped by the luggage compartment and turned to look at me. His already glum face fell even further, and I could see under the streetlight his own tears lining his eyes.

He stepped forward and took my hands in his. "Promise me something." he whispered leaning his head against mine.

"Anything." I replied my own voice breathless.

"If you ever need to feel closer to me, climb up my balcony, crawl into my bed and grab the box from underneath it."

I smiled and leaned back. "Okay?"

"Emelia. Just promise me okay?"

"Okay." I replied with a decisive nod. "I promise."

"When all of this is figured out, and we're together again. I'm never going to let you go ever again."

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