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What surprised me was when my godforsaken mother strolled over and plopped her Barbie like self right next to me on the couch adjacent of the desk.

"Honey, why didn't you tell us you didn't feel well?"

I rolled my eyes. "I did, you guys said to ignore it."

"Honey, I would never sa-"

"Well, you did so stop trying to convince yourself that you didn't." I said interrupting her sentence in one swift minute.

"Did you just get some cold medicine than?" My Dad asked, obviously trying to get this conversation over with so he could continue to be the CEO of his law practice.

I shook my head. "No, I have—"

"Well Honey, now doesn't it sound suspicious that a police officer brought her home from a doctors appointment." My Mom piped up as if she thought that would stop me from finishing my sentence.

"God damn it Mom! I have Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia! That's why he drove me home!" I yelled, bursting through the seems with anger.

They both stoped their blabbing and turned to look at me with shock written all over their faces. "What?" They both asked at the same time.

"I have Leukemia." I said, this time quieter.

My dad walked over and kneeled next to me chair, taking my hand in his he gave me the saddest look I have ever seen.

"What's your chances?" He asked.

Him and his numbers.

"27 percent." I mumbled, not ready to accept that information myself.

They both deflated at that fact.

And for once, I felt as if the terrible things they put me through have passed and that for once in my life and in theirs, they actually wanted to try to help me.

Baby steps.

Dropping my bags down in the new room I almost threw up for the second time that day when I saw that my 'room' was the hospital permanent resident room for the clinically ill patients.

The room was in the west wing of the hospital where people come for treatment of all sizes and conditions. My Leukemia was needing chemotherapeutic treatment and since it was a hassle for my parents to drive me here three times a week they decided to send me here.

I was supposed to take the shuttle to the grocery store and walk from there. Not smart in their part because of my pain, but they couldn't afford to give me my car back as a punishment so here we are.

I had a medical bed in the middle up against a white wall that was serving as an accent wall to the three other beige walls on the other sides of the square room.

I had one ensuite bathroom and a closet, the other area was occupied by a single couch and lamp. I chucked my cloths quickly into the closet and threw my only two books that my parents allowed me to have on the nightstand.

I don't think I'll be reading 'how to deal with cancer for dummies' and 'Cancer: does and don'ts' anytime soon.

Picking up my phone I saw that the only notification I had was that someone had started a live video on Instagram, ignoring it I decided to get some rest before I had to get up and get to school at six am in the morning.

Laying down I realized that this was actually happening, this wasn't a joke, this wasn't a prank. This was real life, and I just so happened to be thrown into the middle of it like some pawn in the worlds game.

God this sucked.

God this sucked

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