chapter ten ; amnesia boy

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november. 2009

As Finn and Millie were beginning to flee the scene until the tall boy noticed a vehicle approaching in the distance. At first he assumed it was simply someone driving through the desert however it just kept getting closer and closer. 

"Go!" He whisper-yelled to his female friend. She turned around and noticed that the automobile was heading their way. They quickly began to run as fast as they could. Luckily for them, there was a rather large bush that they could hide behind. 

Millie's hands were shaking but she still held tightly to the pistol they took from Jacob. She held it up a bit so that she could fire it if it was necessary. 

The SUV game to a halt when it was just a few feet in front of Jacob's little house. A bearded man got out of the vehicle and started to walk around a bit. He noticed some wet red stuff in the sand. It only took him a couple seconds to realize that it was blood.

All of a sudden he saw someone slowly walking towards him. Millie's eyes widened when she saw that Jacob was approaching the man. She had now idea how Jacob had any strength left in him when he had a bullet in his stomach and was literally bleeding to death.

"Jacob Sartorious. You're a hard man to f-..." David stopped speaking when he saw that Jacob was dripping from head to stomach in blood. He also saw that the young man was carrying an automatic rifle. "Woah... Take it easy." 

But Jacob wasn't about to let himself be captured. Even though he knew he was going to die soon, he wasn't going to go down without a fight. 

Meanwhile behind the bushes, Millie felt like she'd seen the bearded man somewhere before. He looked extremely familier. However on the other, it only took Finn a brief moment to recognize the man. 

"Holy shit it's David." He whispered as his eyes widened. He had no idea how his uncle found out about Jacob or his hideout. Although he wasn't worried about that. He was worried about the fact that Jacob was alive and still able to fight. 

"Wait, is he your uncle?" Millie responded. Finn let out a shaky breath and nodded. 

All of a sudden, Jacob pulled the trigger and began to spray bullets everywhere. David quickly dove to safety behind his car. He pulled his pistol out of the holster and peered his head around the automobile. He tried his best to shoot the young man, although he couldn't get a decent aim. 

For the most part, Jacob should've won the fight very easily. He had more firepower, more ammunition, and a better place to shoot from. However, he didn't have years of training, experience, and knowledge. After awhile of firing at the car, he ran out of ammo and David wasn't even wounded. While Jacob was reloading his gun, the bearded man knew it was time to strike.

He leaped out from behind the vehicle and shot Jacob right between the eyes. The bullet went straight through his skull, killing him instantly. 

Both Finn and Millie breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that Jacob was officially dead. 


A middle aged convenience store employee was walking through the produce aisle when she saw a pair of socks lying on the ground. About eleven feet away from the socks, she noticed a lime green shirt. She looked at the clothing in confusion. Who would simply leave their clothes in the middle of a store? 

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