Chapter Twenty One - Searchers

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"Alert, urgent message!" A technical women's voice blurted from their communication's table screen. Ava had just shut the door to the balcony, welcoming the warmth to her skin when the alert started.

"What's going on?" Ava craves. She runs over to the table, bringing up the red alert.

Alert: Message for Harper Nield

Issued By: Major Rasmus Villem

The others join her sharing tense yet impatient looks. She hesitates to open the message. "What could this be about?" she asks. It could mean anything. Major Villem could have found their true identities. Did they know it's them who stole the access chip? She couldn't be sure.

"You did dismantle the cameras as you were told, right?" Katrien shot Jin-hu a restless stare.

"Of course I did!" Jin-hu aggravatly runs a hand through his hair.

"The access chip," Ava began to say, but Jin-hu is already on the move. She gave the chip to him, knowing he would keep it safe. He rustles through papers on the kitchen counter, jumping to a run when he found it.

"I have to copy the chip to our databases. Hopefully it hasn't already been deactivated."

He pounds the screen keypad, typing so fast she almost couldn't follow what's happening on the screen.

"Sync activated, preparing download," a voice says coming from the screen. Good. They haven't deactivated it yet. With copying the chip, this allows them to access all it's information as a hard drive, so when they deactivate the chip they will no longer need it anyway.

"Sync competed."

Jin-hu rips the chip out of the system nodding to her. The others mimic Jin-hu, and she opens the message.

Alert: Message for Harper Nield

Issued By: Major Rasmus Villem

Ms. Neild,

Apologies for this late message. Due to security reasons Major Rasmus Villem will arrive at 07:34 A.M. today. Please prepare for your shipment confirmation at 8:00 A.M. today in the Ruse Tower.

Apologies again for this inconvenience.

The message ended.

5 hours until Major Vellim arrives.

"What possible security reasons would allow for him to come earlier?" Katrien exclaimed. "And, they changed the location."

 "I will get in contact with Owon. He is the one who will be listening in on our communication with Major Vellim. He's been stationed here some time for the Strife. Maybe he knows what this is all about," Jin-hu said. He stepped aside, leaving them behind.

"Okay," Ava began. Her mind is going a mile a second. Everything has shifted so instantly. She brought up the hologram of the city, locating Ruse Tower. Originally they were to meet in Opulence Tower. 

"There was a possibility this could happen. We won't be getting any sleep tonight, so I'm going to need you two to do some things while I map out the entire building. We need to know every exit, every hallway main hallway," she paused a moment, scanning the hologram of Ruse Tower. "Katrien, I need you to secure our connection devices to our clothing, and have Jin-hu prepare our contacts." Katrien nodded, heading towards Jin-hu.

"Thomas, I need you to prepare our weapons, make sure everything is in proper condition. We will need to put on our outfits so we know where to secure our weapons with them."

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