Chapter Seven

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Collin (Mr.) Lee's POV

I watch as Jax sits in the chair on the other side of my office reading a book. I told him he could read for a little while before I have another errand for him to run.

He looks so cute sitting there. He's so focused on the book. He scrunches his eyes up a little when things get interesting. You can tell he's focused on the book by the way he doesn't hear small noises. I tested this out earlier by saying his name very quietly. There isn't any noise in this office so usually he would've heard me, but he didn't react at all to it.

We sit in silence for another twenty minutes. I'm not sure if Jax knows I'm watching him and he just doesn't care or if he has no idea. It may sound creepy, but I honestly don't care at the moment. He's too cute to not look at.

Sadly, I need lunch so I say his name loudly and he looks towards me. For a second, I forgot what I was asking when I looked into his eyes, but I snapped out of it when I heard him say my name. I ask him to go get lunch for me and he leaves.

I breathe out a sigh of relief. I'm going to have to be more discreet if I don't want Jax assuming anything.

It takes thirty minutes before Jax comes back with my food. He sets it down before turning around and leaving my office.

Oh boy. What am I going to do?

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